Jennifer Aniston, Verónica Castro, Cameron Díaz and other celebrities who empower with their wrinkles

Jennifer Aniston, Veronica Castro, Cameron Diaz and other celebrities who empower with their wrinkles have reminded us that a woman can be beautiful at any time and that it is not about makeup, perfect skin or flawless hair but self-love and fullness, because beauty reflects what what is in our heart.

Although there are celebrities who have resorted to various arrangements to maintain their beauty and it seems that they have overcome time, there are others who show off their wrinkles and gray hair with pride, empowering those of us who see how our body is transforming.

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Famous like Kate Winslet, Veronica Castro and Victoria Ruffo have reminded us that there is nothing wrong with getting old, that there is nothing wrong with showing off wrinkles and accepting ourselves as we are instead of moving heaven, sea and earth to show a false image.

The love lesson of these celebrities is to shout to the world that we love our body, that we are happy with the way it looks and that the criticism is over.

Of gray hair and wrinkles, celebrities who said no to the scalpel

If you look in the mirror and feel old or ugly, just remember the example of these celebrities to realize that there is nothing wrong with breaking beauty standards and that you can be charming in any way:

Jennifer Aniston

With several films, miniseries and his participation in “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston he won the love of the whole world. Today at 52 years old, the actress shows off her natural face and falls in love, instead of the scalpel she has chosen to take care of herself with natural remedies and the result is inspiring.

Kate Winslet

Famous for starring in films like “Titanic“,” Eternal radiance of a mind without memories “and” The reader “, Kate Winslet He has empowered women with his example not only of not having aesthetic treatments but of showing off their curves with love and pride. At 46, he remains firm in his decision to say no to the scalpel.

Veronica Castro

The great Verónica Castro is one of the divas of Mexican soap operas, loved by the world, now that she is enjoying a temporary retirement, she has chosen to show off her natural hair and face. With 69 lived springs, he continues to fall in love in each of his appearances.

Drew Barrymore

Drew has grown in front of our eyes, since “ET the alien” until “Like it was the first time” and “Forever cinderella“Today she lives to the fullest with her daughters, her television program, her magazine and household products, she does not hesitate for a second to show herself with everything and wrinkles, looking more beautiful than ever at 46.

Victoria Ruffo

The “queen ”of soap operas Mexicanas is famous for her beauty and her impeccable hair, but when she is not on the forums, she does not hesitate to let time do its thing and poses happily with her gray hair on social networks at 59 years old.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Famous for romantic comedies and for giving life to the famous Carrie BradshawToday Sarah is back to continue the story of “Sex in the city”And at 56 years old, she is not afraid to show wrinkles or gray hair, but yes, with a lot of style.

Cameron Diaz

Although he is missed on the screen, Cameron Diaz He has fully enjoyed his retirement dedicated to his family and to a line of organic wines. In her appearances she wears makeup to a minimum and is not afraid to show off her wrinkles, because at 49 she considers that she is living the best stage of her life.

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Jennifer Aniston, Verónica Castro, Cameron Díaz and other celebrities who empower with their wrinkles