July 4, 2021

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Jennifer Aniston lookalike takes TikTok by storm, citing lines from friends

Jennifer Aniston lookalike takes TikTok by storm citing lines from

This is the moment a single mom took TikTok by storm when she posted a lip-syncing video showing her eerie resemblance to Jennifer Aniston:

Lisa Tranel – whose username is @she_plusthree on the video-sharing platform – posted an iconic quote from Jen An’s character, Rachel Green.

During a 1997 episode where Rachel moans to Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), she says, “I want to stop. But then I think I should hold on.

“Then I think why would such a person stay in such a degrading job just because it is remotely related to the field that interests him. “

Credit: NBC

Could she to be more Rachel? Not really.

It can’t be the first time she’s been compared to the A-lister either because her TikTok bio reads, “Not Jennifer Aniston. Could have fooled us.

Crédits: TikTok / she_plusthree
Crédits: TikTok / she_plusthree

The clip she posted has been watched over 2.7 million times with over 360,000 likes and 7,600 comments from people all telling her they thought it was the real deal.

One person wrote, “Wow. You are lucky enough to own your genes, she is a beautiful human to look like. ”

Another suggested, “Someone tag Jennifer Aniston and then put them together,” and Lisa replied, “I’m 100% with that!” I feel like @ellendegeneres could make it happen. Better to be quick …

Others got confused, thinking it was also Lisa’s voice in the clip and not a voiceover for the show. Friends.

One of them said: “I REALLY thought you were Jennifer Aniston. Not just the look, but the voice. The voice is so similar. ”

Someone else just wrote, “You look more like Rachel than Rachel. “

Crédit: TikTok / @ she_plusthree
Crédit: TikTok / @ she_plusthree

People noticed that Lisa was not Jennifer when it came to things like her different teeth. Subtle but noticeable.

One commented, “I was like ‘why are his teeth different ?!’ Then I had the bulb moment. “

Someone else said, “I know you’re sick of hearing how much you look like him, but it’s so precise.

I mean she makes videos merging with Rachel / Jennifer – she can’t get enough this a lot.

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