Jennifer Aniston: her poignant secrets about her fertility problems

JENNIFER ANISTON. The American actress opened up candidly about her failed IVF attempts and her fertility problems. Revelations.

[Mis à jour le 10 novembre 2022 à 12h13] Each time that Jennifer Aniston formalized a romantic relationship, the tabloids had a field day: will the actress revealed in Friends have a child with her new companion? But the actress has showered hopes and appears today proudly at 53 (single, or so it seems) and without childhood. But in the columns of Allure magazine, Jennifer Aniston makes poignant revelations about her attempts to get pregnant when she was in her thirties and forties.

“I was trying to get pregnant. It was a difficult path for me to have a baby,” she says. “I was doing IVF, I was drinking Chinese teas, whatever I wanted. I tried everything. I would have given anything to be told, ‘Freeze your eggs. Do yourself a favor.” And here I am today. The boat is gone.” However, Jennifer Aniston says she has “no regrets. I even feel a little relieved now, because there’s no longer this question of ‘can I have a child? Maybe. Maybe. be. Maybe’. Today I don’t need to think about it anymore.”

During this interview, Jennifer Aniston also confides in a half-word about her love life. She says she has “no desire” to get married, “but you should never say never”. “I would love to be in a relationship. Who knows? It would be wonderful to come home and be able to hug someone and say ‘it was a tough day.’

Jennifer Aniston, born February 11, 1969 in California under the name Anastassakis, spent a year during his childhood in Greecebefore his actor parents went back to New York. After their divorce, Jennifer enrolled at the age of 11 in a drama school, the Rudolf Steiner School, on the advice of her godfather, the actor Telly Savalasfamous interpreter of Kojak.

Considered a real clown in class, the young girl plans to become an actress and follows an education adapted to her aspirations while living off odd jobs (waitress, telemarketing saleswoman). In 1987, at the end of her studies, we find Jennifer Aniston in a few New York plays, then she joins Hollywood by joining the cast of the very forgettable horror film Leprechaun in 1993.

Friends, or the Universal Exhibition

The young woman owes her artistic salvation to the character of Rachel Green, a wealthy daddy’s girl who becomes a waitress in a New York café in the series Friends. The immense success of the show propelled the young woman to the forefront of international stardom (the producers nevertheless considered her for the role of Monica, finally held by Courtney Cox). Her hairstyle is copied by young girls all over the world, she becomes one of the most popular characters in the series. However, she struggles just like her other partners to break into the cinema: romantic comedies The object of my affection (1998) or The Good Girl (2002) have far from gone down in history. She plays in Friends until the end of the series, in 2004.

In 2014, the Friends series celebrates its 20th anniversary, including 10 years of reruns. In full promotion of the 2nd part of the film How to kill his boss?the actress explained, with humor, that she was not for the return of the series, despite many tributes including the return of the actors to the old sets of Friends, for a shoot as ephemeral as it is unprecedented. In 2021, however, she agrees to return for a special reunion between the actors, entitled Friends: the reunion.

While securing her back with the series Friends, in which she played for 10 years (at the rate of a million dollars per episode for the last season), Jennifer Aniston decides to do in the cinema what she does best in television: make people laugh. She connects the comedies with sizes of the genre, whether jim carrey in Almighty Bruce in 2003 or Ben Stiller in Polly and me in 2004. After her separation from Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston consequently throws herself headlong into work, first in the thriller Derailed in which she is stalked by Vincent Casselthen in comedy The Break-Upwhich could literally be translated as Breaking. Since 2012, Jennifer Aniston has her star on Hollywood Boulevard.

On the career side, the actress is never short of resurrection and other great returns as she confided, in November 2014, on an American TV channel. That same year, she appeared in the police comedy life of crimebefore acting in the comedy chorale Broadway Therapy then How to kill your boss and its sequel. In 2015, comes out Cake, a dramatic film which allows him to completely change register by playing a depressed woman haunted by the appearance of her friend who committed suicide. We then saw her in The Yellowbirds (2015), Happy Mother’s Day (2016), Merry fuck (2016), Dumplin’ (2018), murder mystery (2019). It was finally in 2019 that Jennifer Aniston found her way back to television, landing the first role of The Morning Show, broadcast on the Apple TV platform.

After dating actors Charlie Schlatter, Daniel McDonald and Tate Donovan, Jennifer Aniston met Brad Pitt in 1998. Their romance quickly made tabloid headlines, and the couple married on July 29, 2000 in a private ceremony. Jennifer Aniston also makes Brad Pitt appear in an episode of Friends, while they are married. The fairy tale ends a few years later, however, since the couple announces their separation followed by a divorce in 2005. Rumors run at that time that Brad Pitt would have cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie, whom he met on the making of the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The public reacted very strongly to this breakup, since the couple was considered a perfect Hollywood romance. Despite the breakup, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have stayed in touch and interact from time to time at the awards ceremony, which does not fail to stir up the rumor machine regarding a potential flashback.

After the shooting of BreakingJennifer Aniston begins a brief relationship with her costar in the film, the actor Vince Vaughn. She also had relationships with model Paul Sculfor for a few months, then singer John Mayer in 2008. In 2011, Jennifer Aniston began a relationship with Justin Theroux (The Leftovers), after meeting him on the set Peace, Love and more if you like. Together, the couple bought a house and got married in 2015. However, they announced their divorce three years later, after nearly seven years together. Since these high-profile relationships, Jennifer Aniston has been more discreet about her private life. It is not known if the actress of Friends has found love or not since.

The private life of Jennifer Aniston regularly makes the headlines of the tabloids. Many of her fans are wondering about her life as a couple, or her desire for motherhood. At 52, the actress has no children and has never become pregnant, despite several rumors of pregnancy. Still in 2021, after the filming of “Friends: the reunion”, rumors suggested that the actress would have revealed to the other actors in the series that she intended to adopt. In any case, this is what Closer reported. Quickly, Jennifer Aniston reacts through her agent, refuting this false information. Already in 2016, the actress denounced the maternity injunction in the Huffington Post and then in InStyle: “Nobody knows what happens in the privacy of a home. Nobody imagines that it could be a sore subject for me and my partner. No one knows what I went through.”

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Jennifer Aniston: her poignant secrets about her fertility problems