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Alain Delon attends the funeral in a Parisian church

PARIS (EFE) .— The funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo, one of the most important actors of the last century in France, was held yesterday Friday in the Parisian church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in what was the last farewell to the interpreter.

The intimate ceremony, without television cameras and which only included those close to the actor, lasted a little over two hours and also attracted hundreds of Belmondo followers. By express of his family, a handful of these anonymous fans were also invited inside the temple.

Both at the entrance of the coffin and at its exit, the citizens who came to pay tribute applauded for minutes.

One of the guests at the private ceremony that attracted the most attention was the also famous interpreter Alain Delon, who, supported by a crutch, entered the temple accompanied by his son Anthony, also an actor. Delon, 85 years old and considered Belmondo’s nemesis for years, did not make a statement to the press, although he did briefly pose for the cameras before which he outlined a smile when the mask was removed.

The presence of the actor drew special attention, as he had not attended the emotional national tribute in the Invalides led by French President Emmanuel Macron on the eve.

In addition to Delon – who confessed “devastated” when he learned of Belmondo’s death – other renowned figures flocked to the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church, in the exclusive 6th district of Paris.

Actors Jean Dujardin, Pierre Richard and Berenice Bejo, and director Michel Hazanavicius and filmmaker-actor Dany Boon were present.

Also the closest relatives of Belmondo, his son Paul and daughters Florence and Stella (the youngest, 18 years old) and his six grandchildren, including the actor Víctor Belmondo (27 years old). Natty Tardivel, Belmondo’s second wife, was also in the act.

The famous interpreter lost his daughter Patricia in 1994, who died in a fire in her apartment in Paris when she was 40 years old.

Belmondo, passed away last Monday at the age of 88.

The funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo was attended by his friend and also famous interpreter Alain Delon, who, supported by a crutch, went to the Parisian church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Delon, 85, entered accompanied for her son, Anthony, with some walking difficulties.

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