Jean-Louis Trintignant (‘Love’, ‘The Great Silence’) dies at 91

This morning the actor died Jean-Louis Trintignant. As his family has indicated to the French press, the mythical interpreter “he passed away peacefully, as a result of his old age, surrounded by his loved ones at home”. It has happened four years after she officially retired from the cinema because of the cancer he suffered from, when she had to turn down a role in a Bruno Dumont and assured that “cinema is over for me”. “I am afraid of not measuring up physically. I can no longer move alone, I need someone by my side. Trintignant’s career stretched back more than half a century, to the 1950s.

Born in the Vaucluse department of France in 1930, Trintignant soon moved to Paris to make his theatrical debut at just 20 years old. His first great film title was And God created womandirected by Roger Vadim in 1956, where Trintignant played the diffident husband of brigitte bardot. I would repeat with Vadim in dangerous relationships either Château en Suèdeand before the end of the decade he would place himself under the orders of Abel Ganz in the blockbuster austerlitz, to alternate roles between France and Italy ever since. From the 60’s he would be immersed in the great changes brought by the new wave.

First worked with Coast-Gavras in the rails of crimeappearing alongside another great face of Gallic cinema, such as Jean Paul Belmondo (also recently deceased) in Is Paris burning? Arrived 1966 CLaude Lelouch heard that his uncle Maurice was a Formula 1 driver, which prompted him to cast him in a similar role in A Man and a Woman beside Anouk Aimee: great international success that took his team to the Oscars, and made Trintignant a star. His status was consolidated the following year, when after winning the Best Actor award at the Berlin Film Festival for the man who lies He starred in one of his best-known films: the great silence, spaghetti western of Sergio Corbucci.

Later he worked with Eric Rohmer in My night with Maud and collaborated again with Costa-Gavras to obtain another triumph in Z, recognized as Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival. Arrived in 1970 he starred in another classic as the conformist of Bernardo Bertolucciand at the beginning of the decade he made his directorial debut in A day well spent. After I directed him the man who lies repeated with Alain Robbe-Grillet for Progressive slides of pleasureand starred in the Italian blockbuster The desert of the Tartars. He worked tirelessly in the decades that followed, jumping into Hollywood with Under fire and collaborating with Francois Truffaut in alive on sunday.

In 1986, he starred in the sequel to A Man and a Womantitled A man and a woman: 20 years laterand in the 90s he began to space out his appearances a bit, with the resounding exception of Three colors: Redof Krzystof Kieslowski. In 2003, tragedy struck his family, when his daughter Marie was murdered by his partner, the musician Bertrand Cantat. Since then Trintignant returned to act on very rare occasions, highlighting Love of Michael Hanke in 2012. He repeated with him four years later in happy endingbeing his last film before retiring another collaboration with an old acquaintance: Claude Lelouch.

It was in The most beautiful years of our lifethe third installment of the saga of A man and a womanr, who returned to co-star Anouk Aimée more than thirty years later.

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Jean-Louis Trintignant (‘Love’, ‘The Great Silence’) dies at 91