Jay-Z and Beyoncé on vacation on a $ 400 million yacht!

Currently crossing the Mediterranean in a $ 400 million yacht, Jay-Z and Beyoncé made a stopover in a restaurant in Nice.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are having a good time on this side of the Atlantic right now. And if for many, the month of September rhymes with back to school, the couple for their part benefit from a few extra weeks of vacation. For the occasion, they also chose – once again – the south of France, and more precisely Nice, where they were seen on September 14 in the company of the other Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland, and others. friends. The happy troop decided to dine at La Petite Maison, a famous restaurant located at 11 Rue Saint-François de Paule, arriving in the establishment as if nothing had happened under the astonished eyes of the customers already installed. If it had already welcomed many stars like Jean Dujardin, Didier Deschamps or Michael Youn, the restaurant can now write an even more prestigious line to its CV with the arrival of one of the most famous couples on the planet. Videos of their entry and exit were captured and broadcast on networks, as well as a short sequence during their meal.

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A 400 million yacht for the holidays

So if they made a stopover in Nice for a meal, the couple have been enjoying for several weeks now (and as they do regularly) a huge yacht worth $ 400 million, which they would rent at a staggering price of $ 4.2 million per week, to cross the Mediterranean and travel through Europe, including Corsica, or Sardinia (Italy). Known as the Flying Box, this giant of the seas is 137 meters long, can accommodate up to 25 guests, and has an 11-meter swimming pool, a nightclub, an elevator, 2 helipads and a cinema room on board. . A total of 55 crew members are also present to ensure the well-being of the yacht’s residents. Queen B, who celebrated her 40th birthday at sea, surrounded by Kelly Rowland, her mother Tina Knowles-Lawson, but also her children. Check out the photos of the yacht below!

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