Javier Ibarreche compares his father to Bryan Cranston

This Sunday, June 16, the Father’s day, being an unbeatable opportunity for different artists and celebrities to dedicate a few words to their parents.

One of them was the popular tiktoker Javier Ibarreche who did not miss the opportunity to show his admiration and love for his father.

Ibarreche turned to his Instagram account to share a photograph from more than 20 years ago with his sister and of course, his father, in what seems like a day of fishing.

What powerfully caught the attention of his followers was the comparison that Javier Ibarreche made between his father and the actor Bryan Cranston.

Javier Ibarreche (Special).
Javier Ibarreche (Special).

The tiktoker mentioned that when asked about the people he admires, he does not hesitate to always answer the same thing: his father and the actor famous for giving life to Walter White in the award-winning series Breaking Bad.

Who you admire?” several times in interviews. I usually answer “Bryan Cranston and my dad”. It’s a total coincidence that my dad has been wearing the Walter White look for years, but my answer is honest. And when they ask me the reason for that admiration, the answer is not difficult to find either, “he began.

In addition, he mentioned that he has always felt full support in everything he does and on his way in search of making his dreams come true.

“My dad has never given me anything other than love and support in absolutely everything I do, and all this while leading by example how to be a person worth being.. This thing about doing what you have to do and enduring it until you finally have the chance to do what you like, and be able to take advantage of it, I learned all that from him. And to this day he hasn’t stopped teaching me,” he continued.

Finally, Ibarreche confessed that he feels very lucky for everything that has happened to him in recent years in his life. However, much of that success and fortune has been thanks to his father.

“@agusibarreche it is no secret that I am a lucky person but a good part of that fortune is that you are my dad. Happy Father’s Day“, finished.


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Javier Ibarreche compares his father to Bryan Cranston