Javier Bardem responds to criticism about his new role

Javier Bardem Does not have it! The actor defends his role as Desi Arnaz in Ser ricardos. In a recent cover story for The Hollywood ReporterThe 52-year-old actor and actress Nicole Kidman She talked about people’s reaction after they were photographed filming the icon. i love lucyArnaz y Lucille Ball.

The Oscar winner told the publication that playing the Cuban-American star or other characters is the goal of his work. «I am an actor, and this is what I do for a living: trying to be the people that I am not. What are we going to do? Marlon brando Play Vito Corleone [in The Godfather]? What are we going to do with Margaret Thatcher, who played her? Meryl Streep [in The Iron Lady]? Daniel Day-Lewis jugar lincoln [in Lincoln]? ‘I ask.’ Why are you having this conversation with people with an accent? You have your accent. This is where you belong. this is hard. «

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Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem «Being Ricardos»

Bardem said that some people interact with specific roles based on languages. Where is this conversation with English-speaking people doing things like The Last Duel, where they were supposed to be French in the Middle Ages? Okay, but I, in my Spanish, am I Cuban? “He continued. What I mean is, if we want to open a can of worms, let’s open it for everyone. ”“ We should all start by not letting anyone play Hamlet unless they were born in Denmark. ”

After landing the part, Bardem had only one thing in mind, and he knew “for sure” that he would “give everything he had.”

After the interview, the publication revealed that he sent an email through his representative acknowledging the unrepresented voices. “I recognize that there are many underrepresented voices and stories that need to be told, and collectively we must work better to provide access and opportunities for more Latin American stories and storytellers,” he said.

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But Javier is not the only one who shoots; Actress Nicole Kidman, 54, has also faced criticism for her casting. The project was first announced in September 2015, and Cate Blanchett proclaimed it star Lucille Ball. Years later, it was confirmed that Kidman would play the role.

I said, ‘What did you say yes?’ And then he said, ‘Oh no, I’m not right. Everybody thinks I’m not okay, so I’ll try to avoid this, “he said on Live with Kelly and Ryan.” And producer Todd Black and [writer/director] Aaron Sorkin said, “Absolutely not.” I was in Australia and they told me “No.” And thank God, because at that moment I was so grateful to have fallen in love with her. “

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Javier Bardem responds to criticism about his new role