Javier Bardem praises Halle Bailey’s song in The Little Mermaid

We have a good wait until we see Halle Bailey swimming in theaters as Ariel in Disney’s live-action reimagining of The little Mermaid, but star Javier Bardem has previously praised the young lead role, saying it is intimidating playing alongside the actress mainly thanks to her stunning vocal talents. Even though filming ended on the film, the final film won’t hit theaters until 2023, but as you might expect, anyone appearing in the film will be asked questions about it in every interview. ‘here there, with Bardem’s comments to come for example.

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While discussing his new movie Being the Ricardos, the biographical film on I love lucy Lucille Ball star Javier Bardem has revealed to ET that playing King Triton alongside Bailey’s Ariel is a daunting task. He explained, ” [When you’re] near Halle, it’s impossible to sing… She warmed her voice near me, and I was like ‘What was that?’ She said, ‘Oh, I was just warming up… It would take me five years to do that!’

While Bardem hasn’t revealed how much he sang in the film, it’s likely that Triton’s screen time will have been extended from the original 1989 animated film, and with original songwriter Alan Menken returning for joining Lin-Manuel Miranda in Writing a Series of New Songs, it’s highly likely that one of those songs will see Ariel and her father share a melody.

The cast of the new version of The little Mermaid Certainly no shortage of talent because along with Bailey and Bardem other stars include Melissa McCarthy as Ursula the Sea Witch, Awkwafina as Scuttle, Jacob Tremblay as Flounder and Daveed Diggs as Sebastian the Crab. The script for the film is by David Magee, edited by Rob Marshall.

Halle Bailey shared one of the first images of her as Ariel while filming the film in July, when she expressed her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity given to her. In an Instagram post, she wrote this.

“… And just like that… it’s a wrap.” After auditioning for this movie when I was 18, I was about to be 19, until now finishing filming through a pandemic when I was 21. … it was the most difficult experience to be away from everything and everyone that I have ever known, to feel the doubt / loneliness, but also to feel such freedom and perseverance as I have reached the end. this experience made me so much stronger than I ever thought. “

“I’m so grateful to have such lovely and talented people in the cast like @jonahhauerking who will be my friend for endless lives, @jacobtremblay I’m so proud of and legends like @bardemantarctic @melissamccarthy @awkwafina @daveeddiggs who are masters of their profession but are so welcoming and open to the little old me .. as well as to the rest of the beautiful cast and the team. lots of love (no more sweat, blood and tears) lol thank you sardinia for a wonderful ending !!! ”

Live-action Disney’s Fairy Tale The Little Mermaid will arrive in theaters in May 2023.


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Javier Bardem praises Halle Bailey’s song in The Little Mermaid