Jared Leto talks about the criticism he received for gaining weight for a role

More and more performers follow strict diets and gym sessions for their physical transformations. But there are some stars like Christian Bale or Jared Leto who have been using this methodology in their career for years, yes, with rigorous care.

Thus, the protagonist of ‘Morbius’ He usually changes his physique depending on the character he gives life to. He has left many examples of this for viewers with movies like ‘Requiem for a Dream’going by ‘The Assassination of John Lennon’to his most recent series, called ‘WeCrashed’.

One of these more radical transformations even earned him a Oscar for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. Therefore, Leto is a strong advocate, but he has also experienced negative cases, such as the one he has revealed in Men’s Health magazine.

“Once I won more than 27 kilos for a role, and it was amazing. I remember asking someone the time in New York and took a step back“he recalled. “I saw some people I knew who didn’t know I was shooting. They thought I hadn’t been taking care of myself. They took it as a sign that something bad happened in my life. It was something really difficult to live through, “he lamented.

About this immersive work, the actor has confessed to ET that he is a “grieving process” forget the character: “When you commit, in any way, and when you disengage, there can be a grieving process. Some of the things that remain are physical: the way you move, the way you laugh, the way you talk, the accent.”

“It can become a habit. So, I think it’s normal for there to be a small adaptation period. Not that it’s suddenly, ‘Hey, I forgot about the last six months of my life,'” she noted.

Jared Leto’s argument for undergoing physical transformations

Apart from gaining or losing weight, muscular or not, Jared Leto attracts roles that require a radical characterization, such as the cases of the Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ or Paolo Gucci in ‘The Gucci House’. The latest example is in the Appel TV series in which she stars alongside Anne Hathaway and where he gives life to the CEO of WeWork, Adam Neumann.

“Your job is to bring to life the spirit of the person who is portrayed in the story, to serve the story. I mean the heart of the character, the soul, the spirit,” he told Men’s Health. “Those other things are the description“, added about makeup and prosthetics.

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Jared Leto talks about the criticism he received for gaining weight for a role