Jamie Lee Curtis says goodbye to terror in ‘Halloweens Ends’; The outcome of the saga arrives in Mexico

It is scary, terrifying and panicky to know that the true end of a story that marked a style of cinema is coming, since that first premiere on October 25, 1978. Almost half a century later, the characters of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode meet again for the last time to add even more suspense to the latest chapter of Halloween. And to say goodbye to a classic film, we were able to interview the protagonist Jamie Lee Curtis.

Did you ever imagine early in your career that you were going to be playing the same character as Laurie Strode, with the story of Halloween45 years later?


It’s been the greatest ride of my life playing Laurie Strode since 1978. You have no idea. And I never could have imagined that this character would be so important in my career and professional life, 45 years ago.

In one of our previous interviews you said that you don’t like horror movies. How is it possible to be the star of a style of cinema that you don’t like?

I guess horror movies because they make us confront what is out of our control. I know that I spent 44 years saying that I don’t like horror movies and I’m going to keep saying it: I really don’t like it. But apparently there are those who love it… I don’t understand it.


Did you really not stop to think how it is that people find pleasure in being so scared in a dark room, facing a murderer who suddenly appears on a giant screen?

Again, it forces us to face something that we cannot control. It allows us to scream and in a world that is often full of suspense in a certain way it is a good therapy because horror movies are fun to watch surrounded by people… who like that style of cinema.

What scares you about the real world, outside of the cinema?


The news I read every day scares me. Today there is also a lot of hope in various parts of the world. It is a very difficult moment that we live in, it always was, but this time cannot be compared with any other period in our history. That’s why I always have hope.

What exactly are you waiting for?

There are good people trying to do good things in the divided world in which we live. America is a divided country and I think the devil seems to be gaining a bit. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to win because throughout our history when it looked like he was about to win, good always prevailed.


Jamie Lee Curtis was already born in the cradle of cinema as the daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Having been raised among greats like Marilyn Monroe or Frank Sinatra, she was born in the same year 1958 that her parents had premiered together ‘The Vikings’ with Kirk Douglas, the same year 1958 that the father had starred with Sidney Poitier in the drama ‘Fugitives’ (The Defiant Ones), when the mother had also starred with Charlton Heston and Orson Wells in ‘Sombras del Mal’ (Touch of Evil). Jamie was barely two years old when the same mother premiered one of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror and suspense movie classics, ‘Psycho’.

Of course, Jamie couldn’t imagine at that time either, that he would follow the family tradition, when at the age of 20 he made his film debut with the first version of ‘Halloween’. Directed by John Carpenter, it had another style of family history, where after having murdered the older sister in a Night From Bruges, the real protagonist Michael Myers escapes in 1978, to kill again, hidden behind the mask that became a trademark of horror cinema, along with a knife not unlike the one in the classic shower scene of Psycho which had starred Janet Leigh Curtis. That first premiere where Jamie Lee Curtis had premiered the character of Laurie Strode, the production had barely cost 300,000 dollars and exceeded 45 million dollars in collections. That’s how they multiplied the success in another 12 versions and more than 500 million dollars raised, to end now by pure chance with number 13 and the title ‘Halloween Ends’.

Was the fact that you made your film debut with a horror movie like ‘Halloween’ a way of following in the footsteps of your parents, Tony Curtis and Janeth Leigh?


Actually, it was nothing planned. It was something that I liked and I did it. The rest is history.

And the similarity between the knife used by the murderer Michael Myers and the famous knife of ‘Psycho’ in the famous scene of the scream of the shower that his mother played?

Also, it’s not something we planned. It is a simple coincidence that my mother has filmed another horror movie as famous as ‘Psycho’. No one wanted to imitate her.


If you were given an award today for so many Halloween stories, who would you thank?

I would personally like to thank creators John Carpenter and Debra Hill for the great opportunity. And to everyone who cared for me all these years; to the amazing film crew who supported me every step of the way. It really was a true honor in my life, to be part of this stretch of cinema history and I also have to thank the theater owners and the fans, for having supported us for more than four decades.

Who is really the leading star of Halloween? The killer Michael Myers or Laurie Strode?


Well, on Halloween there is no other protagonist after me. Michael Myers is wearing a mask and no one knows who he is.

Why do you think Laurie Strode’s character ends up being more important than the notorious masked killer Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Ends’?

Because Laurie Strode is the original girl, the one who will never stop, the one who cannot be killed, the one who faces the monsters while others run away. And over the years, I think she obviously took on a new dimension because today I see Laurie as a figure that represents other women facing their own mysteries, without giving up or taking a step back. It seems to me something crucial in reality much more than fiction.


In the midst of reality from fiction, did the female revolution in Hollywood influence in some way the story of ‘Halloween’ with your character?

Fiction always reflects reality in the cinema. For years, women have tried to reflect our lives in the cinema, with their own stories. And it’s as if we had been against cinema before… My experience as an actress taught me that I am totally responsible for what people think about me, based on the job they offer me. But I can only reply to dialogues that someone else writes. In the year 2018, when we resumed the story of Halloween in reality, we were living that crucial moment of #Metoo where many women came out to share their traumas. And I think that’s where fiction intersects with the reality of life that is perhaps as brutal as Laurie’s story. And it is a pressure, a reality that is still lived in our society.

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To see the previous versions of Halloween, it is not as easy to find them all together on the same streaming platform as is often the case with other blockbusters. What do you think of the debate about seeing them in a movie theater instead of streaming platforms?

I believe that our work is important, but the owners of the theaters are there to earn the money of our future, keeping people happy, doing the impossible to keep them happy, because let’s be honest: people can also be very difficult with their opinions, bad humor and we all want them to have a good time, because if they don’t have a good time, they won’t come back. That’s why we need them so much: to come back. That’s why I have to thank the movie theaters that support even the worst spectators, so that people like me can continue making movies, telling stories that matter to the rest of the world.

Don’t you recommend watching the Halloween finale, alone, at home on Peacock’s streaming platform?


The truth is that by yelling, you are going to yell much louder when there are people around you. If you cry, you’re also going to cry a lot harder when there are other people around, crying. When something excites you, it excites you even more when you are next to someone. And that kind of experience is not achieved by watching movies, alone, at home. It is achieved in a place where you are surrounded by people.

And considering that you don’t like horror movies, does it make you happy that the Halloween story finally comes to an end?

It’s sad, but everything in this world has an end. I’m also pretty tired of Halloween and it’s time to see Laurie’s last act. You will like it, that’s for sure.


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Jamie Lee Curtis says goodbye to terror in ‘Halloweens Ends’; The outcome of the saga arrives in Mexico