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During a recent interview, comedian Mel Gibson, who is used to action movies, said he turned down the role of… James Bond. How ? Why ? The actor explains this surprising choice.

Mel Gibson: 66 years old and all his teeth

Mel Gibson is over forty years of careermore 80 film appearances and on television, and two Oscars for Braveheart : Best Film and Best Director. It is also a pleiad of cult roles like Max in the trilogy madmaxGraham Hess in signsNick Marshall in What women WantWilliam Wallace in Braveheart and obviously Martin Riggs in the saga The lethal Weapon.

The lethal Weapon ©Warner Bros.

Mel Gibson also has a rather talented directing career with movies like Braveheart (Again), apocalypto or the recent You will not kill. Recently, we were able to find it in series B as Force of Nature, Fatman or the excellent Dragged on the asphalt. Shortly, Mel Gibson will be back in front and behind the camera for the purposes of Lethal Weapon 5.

No 007 for Mad Max

In a recent interview with JoBlo.com For the movie Banditthe comedian Mel Gibson explained that he turned down the role of James Bond in his youth:

I was offered the role of James Bond when I was about twenty-six, that is to say forty years ago. I was in Australia at the time, working with Peter Weir. I thought about it a bit, and I finally refused for a very simple reason. I thought, “Look what happened to poor Sean, he was stuck in there for about three decades.”

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James Bond: why Mel Gibson refused the role of 007? – CineSeries