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Barring an earthquake, the next James Bond interpreter will be an English-speaking actor of British nationality or, as usual, at least of the Commonwealth. But nothing prevents you from dreaming a little and asking yourself the question: who among the French actors of the moment could convince in the role?

The supreme role is always to be taken

They are currently six in number: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Six actors to have had the privilege as the heavy task to interpret the most famous secret agent in the history of cinema: james bond aka 007.

One of the ancestral rules is that the directors, like the actors playing the title role, must be from one of the Commonwealth countries, that is to say be from a country formerly included in the British Empire. But this rule has already been brokenwith Pierce Brosnan being of Irish-American nationality and the director of Quantum of Solace, Marc ForsterGerman-Swiss.

James Bond (Daniel Craig) – Dying Can Wait ©Universal Pictures

Thus, it is not totally unfounded to think that a French actor could one day wear the James Bond tuxedo. Besides, Lambert Wilson participated in the casting of Killing is not playing in 1986, and was then favored by Albert R. Broccoli. Finally, it is Timothy Dalton who obtains the role, the time of two films. Not impossible then, but devilishly complex given British competition, not to mention that it is necessary to perfectly master the language of Shakespeare. Barring a very big surprise, the next James Bond will therefore not be French.

But let’s forget for a moment that a French actor has almost no chance, let’s go, you never know, on a misunderstanding it can work… Who could take over from Daniel Craig?

Jean Dujardin: the evidence old school

Because he shines in the OSS 117 film series, because he has Sean Connery looks and a devastating charm, Jean Dujardin is obvious. In addition to his performances in the OSS 117 parody spy films, he played an agent of the FSB, the Russian secret service, in Mobius ofEric Rochant. Seductive, charismatic, physical, he would perfectly embody a james bond old school.

OSS 117 (Jean Dujardin) - OSS 117 Cairo, nest of spies
OSS 117 (Jean Dujardin) – OSS 117 Cairo, nest of spies ©Gaumont

Problem, the trend is anything but oldschool on the side of the production of James Bond, which wishes modernize the character and precisely to avoid the OSS 117 type caricature. His age, 50, is also a hindrance. And despite his Oscar won for The Artistits international reputation is quite limited.

François Civil: the young first

Young, handsome and charismatic, Francois Civil presents real assets to claim such a role. His smile and his apparent good nature would open to him any casino door, and he has the physique for the job. His relatively average height (1m75) is not a problem, being three centimeters below that of Daniel Craig, and he has shown definite dispositions to action and suspense in burn out, The song of the wolf and North ferry. He embodies D’Artagnan in the long-awaited diptych The three Musketeerscast a priori ideal.

D’Artagnan ©Pathé

Naturally successful in comedy, his profile would bring him closer James Bond by Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan, a bit less “masculine” than that of Sean Connery. On the downside, his young age is a double-edged sword. On the one hand he could chain the films and develop his character, on the other he does not have the “veteran” side desired by the producers. Too little known internationally, its casting would be a very risky bet.

Omar Sy: the star

A priori, Omar Sy tick all the boxes. At ease in all registers, from action to comedy, he too can count on his charisma and impressive physique to defend the interests of Her Majesty. At 44, he is easily five years younger and could provide the character with the background necessary for his credibility. His English should not be a problem, nor should his international famesince he notably distinguished himself in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Infernos, Jurassic World and Jurassic World: The World After.

Driss (Omar Sy) - Untouchables
Driss (Omar Sy) – Untouchables ©Gaumont

He would also bring a welcome novelty to the character, hitherto embodied only by white men. A change called for in particular by young international audiences. Star enough but not yet a planetary icon, he has all the skills required and undoubtedly the most interesting profile to embody James Bond. Only problem, immediate sympathy it generates goes against the “tortured” aspect of James Bond brilliantly deployed by Daniel Craig.

Louis Garrel: elegant and dark

We don’t think of it at first, but Louis Garrel would not look out of place under the registration number 007. Its main advantage: an attitude as dark than nonchalant, perfect for playing British phlegm. At 39, the male muse of French auteur cinema could be somewhere between the elegance of Sean Connery and the toughness of Timothy Dalton, taking the best of both. Capable of bringing complexity or even the evil to his characters, he would know how to fit in perfectly with the modernity necessary for the future James Bond.

Louis Garrel
Laetitia Casta and Louis Garrel ©Marie Claire

However, he would have to go to the gym to gain muscle and ensure in the necessary physical sequences of the character. Another disadvantage, he is not well known abroad and seems very happy not to set foot in blockbusters. And if he too will appear in D’Artagnan and Milady which form the diptych The three Musketeers, it is in the royal clothes of Louis XIII. The main concern would be that he probably doesn’t have any nothing to do with james bondand that his desires for cinema lie elsewhere.

Tahar Rahim: the ideal outsider

At 41, Tahar Rahim knows how to do everything and therefore logically does pretty much what he wants. Holder of a brilliant filmography, both French and international, the path traveled since A prophet made him a headliner you can count on. After the series The snake and Found Guiltyno doubt about his ability to act in English and in big budget productionsas evidenced by his recent casting in Napoleon of Ridley Scott and in the Marvel movie Madame Web.

Charles Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim) - The Serpent
Charles Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim) – The Serpent ©netflix

If the future James Bond is to borrow from the profile established by Daniel Craig, he has what it takes from a “veteran” and physical presence to hold the role. Often on the cover of fashion magazines, he also the presence and charisma required. Only problem, his side guy next door which would almost say:why him rather than another?

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