James Bond: how many Daniel Craig films are in the series’ top 7

James Bond It is one of the most important franchises in the history of cinema. The saga is made up of 24 films in total, the last four of which have been interpreted by Daniel Craig. The 53-year-old actor is going to say goodbye with No time to die, which hits theaters this month and will do so with one curiosity: he will be the actor who has played the longest-running British spy in theaters.

Rotten tomatoes, the site which brings together the opinions of industry specialists from around the world, allows the productions of the saga to be sorted from best to worst. Interestingly, as the seventh actor to play James Bond for the franchise of MGM, there is more than one film in the top seven in the critical rankings. Unfortunately for him, he is not on the podium that he leads completely. Sean Connery.

Connery, who died on October 31 of last year has the three best films of James Bond according to the classification of Rotten tomatoes. Best of all is The golden finger, from 1964, with 99% critical approval. They follow her From Russia with love, 1963 and with 95% approval, and Dr Non, 1962 and the same percentage but less public acceptance.

Among the 7 best James Bond films, four were titled by Sean Connery. (IMDb)

Immediately after, in fourth and fifth place are two films starring Daniel Craig. It is Casino Royal, his debut as spy 007, which has a 94% approval rating, then follows Fall from the sky, as of 2012, with an approval rating of 92%. These are the last two films that surpass 90% of positive reviews in the ratings they complete, up to seventh place, Thunder clap and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The race to become the new James Bond

It is clear that becoming James Bond it can be a source of pride for any actor. After the bankruptcy of MGM, the rights of this character were in the hands of Amazon Prime Video, which absorbed the studio that produced the films. This also caused a delay in the selection of the new performer of the agent 007, who will no longer have Daniel Craig as a central character, due to his shooting fatigue.

henry cavill superman

Everything indicates that Henry Cavill will have to be content with just being Superman. (IMDb)

Among the main figures that appear with the possibility of being James Bond is it so Tom Hardy and Sam Heughan. Also named Henri Cavill, who seems to have no luck as his face is associated with another franchise (Superman), as good as Idris Elbe and Régé-Jean Page, who could become the first Afro-descendant actors to play the iconic character. In addition, there are those who still do not rule out that a woman can go down in history and appear for the first time as the figure of this saga.

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