James Bond: Daniel Craig’s successor can (still) wait

SUSPENSE – Who will wear 007’s costume after Daniel Craig? While the actor is about to bow out with “Die can wait”, the producers of the saga which will celebrate its 60 years next year do not seem in a hurry to turn the page. Explanations.

The favorite to succeed Daniel Craig? Do not look, they have all been there, or almost. Since Spectre, the penultimate installment of the James Bond saga released in 2015, all the leading British actors were announced in the costume of the famous spy. Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Madden, Tom Hardy, James Norton… The list is endless and grows as we get closer to the inevitable. In theaters in France on October 6, after several postponements due to the pandemic, To die can wait should indeed be the last 007 with the 53-year-old actor in the title role.

In 2016, however, Daniel Craig had rejected a first offer from MGM and the producers of the saga to resume service. “I’d rather break a glass and cut my veins with it“, he told Time Out on the idea of ​​a fifth film, sold out by shootings all over the world. A fee of 25 million dollars, making him one of the highest paid actors on the planet , has visibly put him back on his feet, not to mention the percentage that has been promised to him on theatrical admissions and countless derivative products.

Daniel Craig, it’s Mr. box office

If Daniel Craig’s successor is so difficult to find, it is because with him James Bond has once again become a sure bet at the box office. It’s simple: since taking office in 2006, he has been the star of the franchise’s four biggest box office hits. In the order of the numbers: Casino Royale with $ 594 million in revenue, Quantum of Solace with 591 million, Spectre with 876 million and Skyfall, the only episode to cross the billion mark in global revenue.

Whether we like his interpretation of the character created by Ian Fleming or not, whether we find him too cold compared to Sean Connery, too brutal compared to Roger Moore or not as charming as Pierce Brosnan, the man in the eyes of steel has left its mark on the history of a saga which will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year.

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“Die can wait”: explosive second trailer for James Bond

According to the latest news, the next incumbent has still not been chosen. “It’s hard to think about the future until this movie is out“, admits producer Barbara Broccoli in an interview with Total Film.When the dust settles, we’ll look around. Even though the first thing we have learned from the last 18 months is that you never know what the future will hold..”

Barbara Broccoli is obviously alluding to the pandemic, which has upset the cinema economy. And the takeover of MGM, historic co-producer of the saga, by Amazon Studios for $ 8.45 billion. A catalog of monstrous films of which the James Bond saga is one of the jewels, coveted for many months by all streaming platforms.

No series on Amazon Prime

In the interview with Total Film, the producer ensures that the favorite spy of his Majesty will not be declined in series. “We make films. We have been making films for 60 years “, she insists, her partner and half-brother Michael G. Wilson emphasizing in the same interview that 007 has been resisting the call of the small screen for so long.

And the next James Bond performer in all of this? In a previous interview with Total Film, Barbara Broccoli claimed that it would not be a woman. Remains that in To die can wait, the spy having taken early retirement at the end of Spectre, the number 007 is entrusted to one of his colleges of MI6, Agent Nomi, played by the British actress of Jamaican origin Lashana Lynch. A clever way of injecting a little diversity into a saga often singled out for its conservatism.

The hypothesis of a black James Bond cannot be ruled out, however. If Idris Elba’s candidacy fizzled out, the name of Regé-Jean Page, the revelation of the Netflix series The Bridgertons Chronicle, is currently on everyone’s lips. The interested party said himself flattered that we think of him and he is currently the favorite of the English bookmakers. The catch, because there is one, is that the actor of Jamaican origin has just agreed to be Simon Templar, aka The Saint, in a new take on the adventures of the character once played by Roger Moore, then Val Kilmer. So difficult to combine the two suits …

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If Barbara Broccoli allows herself time to think, it is also because she works by heart. In 2005, the producer fell in love with Daniel Craig, then unknown to the general public, after discovering him at the cinema in Layer Cake, Matthew Vaughn’s thriller on amphetamines. At the end of a long casting process, the actor had been preferred to Clive Owen, who had yet topped a poll commissioned by the Skynews channel. Suffice to say that anything can happen.

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