Jada Pinkett exploded against Will Smith for a birthday party he gave her

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Jada Pinkett Smith continues to give what to talk about after what happened during the 94th Oscar Awards, when Will Smith slapped the comedian in the middle of the broadcast Chris Rock for a joke in bad taste he made about the shaved look of the actor’s wife, who suffers from alopecia, since he later turned his back once again on the protagonist of the series on “Prince of rap”.

After what happened during the awards of the Hollywood Academy, Jada Pinkett He posted a photo on his account Instagramthe only one shared until then, in which he assured that it was “time to heal and I am here for it”.

However, later the magazine U.S. Weekly echoed the statements made by a source very close to the couple who claimed that Jada Pinkett Smith believed that her husband “exaggerated everything” and regretted that the situation ended in something physical between Will Y ChrisRock, the first accolade for the actor.

But the thing did not end there, because a video was popularized in which Jada stated that she never wanted to get married, and some images were recently taken up in which Jada’s wife Will Smith He spoke about the anger caused by an impressive party that the actor organized for his birthday.

In the video that recently went viral in one of the Red Table Talk, Will Smith He recalled how he felt “devastated” by a birthday party he organized for his wife, full of luxury and surprises.

“The day after his 34th birthday, I was already hiring a team to orchestrate his 40th birthday,” he said. Will Smith in 2018. “I hired a documentary crew, it was going to be my big declaration of love, it was going to be what got her out of her midlife crisis, it was going to be spectacular, something very deep,” she added.

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Unfortunately Will He did not take into account the words of his wife, who said that he did not want to celebrate his birthday and wanted to do something more private and intimate, to which the actor ignored, because the celebration was carried out with great fanfare, which sparked the wrath of Jada Pinkettwho attacked Smith.

“She told me that what I did was a ridiculous display of my ego, and that broke me, I am still devastated because she was right, it was not a party for her. That was a very low point,” he said. Will Smith.

in that same Red Table Talk was that Jada Pinkett She declared that she never wanted to get married, on the contrary, “they forced her and it was horrible.”

“We did it because ‘gammy‘ (Jada’s mom) was crying. It was as if she told us: ‘you have to get married,'” he said. Jade.

Given these statements, Adriennemother of Pinkett Smith, She said, “Yes, I remember having a strong desire for you guys to get married and you being sick, not cooperative at all. But I don’t remember your rejection of the idea of ​​marriage.”

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Jada Pinkett exploded against Will Smith for a birthday party he gave her