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After starring in Stanley Tong’s nanardesque blockbuster last year, Vanguard, Jackie Chan forsakes explosions (for a while) and aims for the heart in a dramatic comedy whose plot revolves around a horse.

Jackie Chan therefore started filming Ride On (“Chevaucher” in French) which should be spread over a period of 100 days. The film is shot entirely in China, notably in Shanghai and in the major Hengdian studios.

This is the fifth feature film by writer-director Larry Yang, after the multi-award-winning rural drama in festivals, Mountain Cry in 2015 and popular success Adoring, a choral and family comedy between pets and their owners. Released in December 2019, Adoring made nearly $ 100M at the Chinese box office.

Ride On is described as a dramatic comedy (certainly with some action). Larry Yang seems to continue his exploration of family relationships through animals. Here the plot revolves around a horse named “Chitu”. Jackie Chan plays, Lao Luo, a once popular former stuntman who lives only for his horse. This one is unfortunately involved in a dispute. Unable to resign himself to separation, Lao Luo has no other choice but to ask his daughter Xiaobao for help, with whom he has not been in contact for many years …

Xiaobao is played by Liu Haocun, a young actress in her twenties who started directly in leading female roles under the direction of Zhang Yimou in One Second and Cliff Walkers. It will be found next year in the new film by Han Han (the brilliant Duckweed) scheduled for the Chinese New Year 2022. Liu Haocun’s acting talents have been widely praised. Zhang Yimou said she was the next Zhou Dongyu (Better Days) and the same described as a young Gong Li.

The young actor Guo Qilin meanwhile plays the role of Xiaobao’s boyfriend.

Jackie Chan, star of the comedy-drama

With Ride On, Jackie Chan more or less abandons the tatane shots for a tailor-made film (Jackie plays a former stuntman), more suited to his age and which clearly emphasizes family relationships during what could be a “feel”. good movie ”close to the road movie.

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The film is produced by Liu Yanming with his company Hairun Pictures, co-producer among others of the latest Johnnie To (who is also the artistic director of the company) as Drug War, Office and Three.

Also among the producers, Li Jie with Alibaba Pictures. Executive producer on Detective Chinatown 3, Shockwave 2, Project Gutenberg and the excellent dramatic comedy Dying To Survive and Xu Tianfu for Hengdian Entertainment, executive producer on Hidden Man de Jiang Wen, Better Days by Derek Tsang (nominated for the 2021 Oscars in the best foreign film category) or more recently on Sacrifice, the three-handed war film directed by Hu guan, Frant Gwo and Lu Yang.

It can be noted that Jackie Chan did not participate in the investment, nor in the production of the film, but only as a star.

The film is scheduled for late 2022, see early 2023.

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