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Jackie Chan is one of the most popular figures in the action genre. Unlike other actors who focused on creating violent characters and weapons experts, Chan helped consolidate the martial arts in Hollywood while presenting himself as a funny, innocent and sometimes even clumsy character who had great abilities to fight against the enemy. , whether he was a terrorist or a mob leader. Globally accessible image that strengthened his career has been a blessing and a problem for the actor.

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Like any good actor, Chan has always tried to bring out the best of himself on the big screen to please his fans, but he also constantly seeks to step outside the prototypes that made him famous to show that he genuinely has capabilities for genres like melodrama. Little by little he has moved away from action films, or participates in those that also require a mature touch as happened with El Implacable – 67%, who starred alongside Pierce Brosnan, and where his character’s trauma was far more important than his ability to kick in the air.

In general, Jackie Chan It is not a name that is associated with troublesome news, only attempting to approach another style movies. However, some political comments have been a disappointment to his Western fans, as he has declared himself a fan of the Communist Party in China on more than one occasion. Many came to justify their words by clarifying that China is a country with little freedom of expression and that comments against the government can be perceived as a real threat that must be investigated and stopped.

The truth is Jackie Chan It is not only born in communist China, after all his career has led him to explore the world. If the actor declares himself as such, it is because he feels sympathy with that party and, like it or not, he has every right. What impresses now many of his fans is that the actor of Kung Fu Panda – 87% seems to just make known their intention to enter politics in his country.

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Variety announced the recent participation of Jackie Chan at a symposium organized by the China Film Association in which the actor reiterated his support for the Communist Party:

Foreign usually say: “proud to be Chinese.” I am very lucky to be Chinese, but I also feel jealous of everyone here are members of the Party.

What the Party says, what it promises, does not take 100 years to achieve, it will definitely achieve in just a few decades. I want to be a member of the Party!

For the event, Chan dressed in a traditional military outfit from the 1940s that the group led by the Communist Party wore during the Second Sino-Japanese War. The actor recalled the event and dress respectfully:

Those soldiers went toe-to-toe with firearms while wearing sandals and single-shot pistols, and they engaged their advanced arsenal with swords and spears. I believe that the 8th Route Army is really great!

Although many may surprise the political vision of Jackie Chan, The truth is that is not new at or away from other actors who venture into politics. One of the best-known examples, and one that caused the most criticism and ridicule, was that of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he ran (and won) as governor of California by the Republican party. For his part, Chan hasn’t given up his acting career but that wouldn’t be a hindrance if he wants to pursue his political taste. Surely many will see this decision with disappointment as Chan was born in Hong Kong and his position makes it clear which side of history he decides to be on.

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