“Jackie Chan believed that women belonged to the kitchen, until I kicked his ass.” Michelle Yeoh talks about prejudice in action movies

The actress Michelle Yeoh | returns to monopolize headlines thanks to its participation in ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings’, the new adventure of Marvel which is already making box office history. However, her career began almost forty years ago in Asia, where she had to end various prejudices against women in action films, including those of himself. Jackie Chan.

“Chen you make one, I have to make a better one “

Yeoh has recalled in a chat with The Guardian that “When I started in Hong Kong, you didn’t have the help of CGI. You went and did what you had to do“which includes a motorcycle scene from ‘Supercop’ that made her feel invincible, probably one of the reasons why Chan he wanted me not to do more risk sequences:

I told him “How often you ask me to stop. You always do them.” He responded to me: “It’s because when you do one, I have to make a better one“I had all the pressure, poor man.

Of course, everything indicates that this happened after Yeoh managed to banish a very macho idea from the head of the protagonist of ‘The supercamorristas’:

He thought women belonged in the kitchen and not in action movies until I kicked his ass.

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In addition, it has double merit to do something like that, since ‘Supercop’ was his first film after four years away from the screens. The reason was her marriage to the billionaire Dickson Poon, whom he divorced in 1992.

The interview also stands out his defense of the aftermath: “I don’t think it’s a mistake to make a sequel. It means to love the project very much, the sequels are great. Hope we can make another Shang-Chi movie!

Article: Soure