June 15, 2021

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It’s official: Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be Kraven the hunter

Its official Aaron Taylor Johnson will be Kraven the hunter

This isn’t the first time he’s played a comic book character. Technically, it will even be the third time. But after being the awesome Kick-Ass, then sacrificing it all too quickly Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron), Aaron Taylor-Johnson is going to play a villain. And not just any.

Variety informs us that Sony has cast the actor to play Kraven the Hunter. This would be a spin-off focused on the cult villain of Spider-Man, the same way we had Venom and Morbius with Jared Leto will land soon.

As a reminder, Sony owns the rights to the character and the Spider-Man universe, and is facing the juggernaut Disney, which now owns the entire Marvel catalog. Spidey’s presence in the MCU is due to a huge deal between the two majors, but Sony doesn’t want to bequeath its catalog of villains because it is way too profitable.

We are therefore on a third spin-off, knowing that in addition Venom is going to have a sequel in the next few weeks. We might be scared, but there are strangely some reasons to have confidence in this project.

At least three: already, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. No need to add much. The British actor has chained the beautiful shots. We think about his role in Nocturnal Animals, but also to Outlaw King or even more recently Tenet. We like it a lot, and it’s a very good choice.

Because the character of Kraven is a really interesting figure – more than Morbius, to be completely honest. Introduced in 1964, it is the best hunter in the world, who has received a serum making him overkill and almost invincible, and which has only one goal: to have the head of Peter Parker as a trophy. In any case, whether in relation to his various arcs or his psyche, we have here a really hackneyed and intriguing villain.

Mostly, Variety explains that Sony would have found someone to carry out the project. We’re talking about JC Chandor here, and that’s great news. The director of the very good Margin Call and too little known A Most Violent Year surprised by tackling an action blockbuster, Triple frontier.

He showed that we could make nagging feature films but subtle, generous but withdrawn, ambitious but on a human scale. Seeing him tackle a super feature, with this character in particular, leads us to think that he could give us a nice project.

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We will have to wait, because the film is scheduled for release on January 13, 2023 across the Atlantic.