It’s not Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr.’s iconic role is very different from Marvel

It was 2008 and the fandom world wasn’t prepared for what was to come: the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to start with the first installment of Iron Man, with the talented Robert Downey Jr. on paper made to measure for you. Tony Stark, the billionaire who escaped the clutches of the Ten Rings Organization by inventing special armor, has been installed as a character in the MCU.

Little by little this universe of characters from wonder it has become the biggest franchise in the history of cinema. We have a lot to thank for this first performance of Robert Downey Jr. What Iron Man. Of course, producers have great confidence in a performer with a turbulent past. Fortunately, the actor’s life is on the right track.

An iconic role in the career of Robert Downey Jr.

If we talk about the past, there is a project in which Robert participated that required him to use his full potential as an actor but at the same time it is very different from his work in wonder. A film based on one of the great figures of silent cinema who marked the entertainment world so much that his name has become an icon. We are talking about Chaplin! Yes, for those who don’t remember, Robert Downey Jr. characterized it in a blockbuster movie.

The film is directed by Richard Attenborough and has a luxury cast among which we can mention Geraldine Chaplin, Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Marisa Tomei, David Duchovny, Kevine Kline and Milla Jovovich, among others. The outstanding participation of the person responsible for bringing Tony Stark to life in the MCU earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Charlie Chaplin surprised the world with techniques such as slapstick, mime and pantomime to fascinate audiences especially with bands such as The Golden Chimera, City lights, modern times and most striking: his criticism of Adolf Hitler entitled The great dictator. His biography was due to arrive in Hollywood and Downey Jr. did not disappoint.

The film aptly tells the professional and personal life of this figure in the series who burst into the world of cinema as one of his most iconic names. So much so that today we continue to remember it. The film explores the time of the formation of Charlie Chaplin in the United Kingdom at times of glory and glory in the United States, showing various passages of his personal, cinematic and artistic life until his final exile in Switzerland. A real luxury!

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It’s not Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr.’s iconic role is very different from Marvel