“It’s a gem despite me.” Johnny Depp believes that it is the best film of his career and it unfairly failed at the box office but won two Oscars

The race of Johnny Depp It is currently going through a rather delicate moment. The legal dispute he has had with Amber Heard It damaged his image a lot and he was away from the cameras for a while, but this year he has returned with ‘Jeanne du Barry’ and it is a matter of time before new projects arrive. Of course, he has previously starred in dozens of films and he is quite clear which is the best of all of them.

“An American Classic”

We have to go back to an article from 2009 to ew in which Depp reviewed his essential movies, songs and books, surprising that among the first he chose one that had himself as the protagonist. The work in question is ‘Ed Wood’ and This is what the actor said about her:

This movie is a sweet and comedic gem despite my involvement. Martin Landau, Bill Murray and others make an incredible cast, but of course there is an almost brotherly sensibility with Tim, which made the whole experience a joy. Ultimately, I think with the artistic freedom we had, Tim Burton made an American classic. A love letter to a filmmaker who didn’t get many.

Released in 1994, ‘Ed Wood’ received an almost unanimous applause from critics, but the public did not show a special interest in this biopic of what many came to consider as the worst director of all time. Unfortunately, the film directed by Tim Burton it crashed at the box office, as it had a worldwide revenue of almost 14 million dollars when its budget had gone up to 18 million.

‘Ed Wood’ thus became Burton’s first flop, who had previously only tasted the honey of success with ‘Pee Wee’s Great Adventure’, ‘Bitelchús’, ‘Batman’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and ‘Batman Returns’. And then he chained another box office hit with ‘Mars Attacks’, having to wait until 1999 to score a commercial triumph again with ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

Ed Wood

However, there was also good news for ‘Ed Wood’, as he managed to win two Oscars, the one for best makeup and the one for best supporting actor for Martin Landau, who managed to win over tough competitors including Samuel L Jackson for ‘Pulp Fiction’, Chazz Palminteri for ‘Bullets over Broadway’, Paul Scofield for ‘Quiz Show (The Dilemma)’ and Gary Sinise for ‘Forrest Gump’.

"Of course I will work with Johnny Depp again at some point.". Tim Burton

For me I am quite clear that ‘Ed Wood’ is one of Depp’s best films, although I’m not sure it ranks number 1 – that honor surely belongs to ‘Edward Scissorhands’-. If you want to recover it or see it again, you have it available on Disney +.

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“It’s a gem despite me.” Johnny Depp believes that it is the best film of his career and it unfairly failed at the box office but won two Oscars