“It was the love of my life”: Renée Zellweger, the opportunity Jim Carrey lost

During the recordings of “Irene, yo y mi otro yo” (“Me, Myself & Irene” in its original language, 2000) the love between Jim Carrey and Renée ZellwegerBut the actor’s indecision thwarted any future for the couple.

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In order to promote his recent biographical book “Memoirs and Misinformation”, the Canadian actor appeared on the show “The Howard Stern Show”, where he opened his heart and shared never-before-revealed details of himself. Of all that was said, what caught the most attention were the sweet words he had for who was his partner more than 20 years ago, the actress Renée Zellweger.

It has been known for some time that the artist of “Ace Ventura” He has depression, which in past relationships was a problem for him, as revealed by his first wife, also an actress and mother of his only daughter, Melissa Womer. Maybe that was part of what caused her break up with Renée, something that is regretted today.

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It has been known for some time that the “Ace Ventura” artist has depression (Photo: AFP / Jon Kopaloff)


After divorcing twice, the actor meets the protagonist of the “Bridget’s Diary” before working together on the movie “Me, myself and Irene”, through mutual friends and some party nights. They started dating in 1999 And while the romance lasted only a year, it was long enough for Carrey will be forever arrowed.

On its brief history, Renée rated it as “An unexpected and wonderful thing”, while Jim says she is a gem of a person: “He was the great love of my life. It was special to me, very special. I think she’s lovely. “

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Their romance was intense and soon after they got engaged. According to the media at the time, the comedian was the one who gave a ring to the star of Hollywood in a restaurant of London, while enjoying a romantic evening. At that time, the actress was filming the film directed by Sharon Maguire.

After hearing the news, the young artists monopolized the lenses of the press, who wanted to know all the details of their engagement and hoped to know the date of their wedding; something that the same girlfriend also longed to know, because apparently the words of Carrey they had remained in the air.

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According The Daily Mail, the actress put a deadline to the Canadian, to see if he really had plans to marry her; However, she did not get the expected response and left the house they shared in Los Angeles to enjoy a vacation alone in Hawai, where they planned to visit on their honeymoon.


After their separation, Carrey maintained other fleeting relationships with public personalities such as the model Jenny McCarthy, the late makeup artist Cathriona White and the actress Ginger Gonzaga. While Zellweger married the musician Kenny Chesney, divorcing at four months, then dated Bradley Cooper and the musician Doyle Bramhall, from whom he separated last year after 7 years of relationship. Could the actors resume their romance? Only time will tell.

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