“It smells good, it does not contain controversial ingredients”: Emma Watson swears by this 100% natural deodorant

Emma Watson is one of the biggest beauty icons. (Photo by Tolga Akmen / AFP)

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Emma Watson fans can now imitate their idol right down to…the armpits. Vegan and healthy, we found his favorite deodorant, by his own admission, at -33%.

Looking for a clean and respectful deodorant? Lovely Emma Watson found it for us. Very committed, both in feminist and ecological struggles, the new Prada muse had given the name of her favorite deodorant to our colleagues at Vogue some time ago. Guaranteed free of aluminum salts and other toxic substances that deodorants are traditionally full of, the star explains why she swears by it: “It smells good, it does not contain controversial ingredients, the container is recyclable and it is vegan! I love it”, she then launched. This cosmetic essential to her beauty routine is signed Aurelia Londona clean and cruelty-free skincare brand, made in England.

Aurelia London Botanical Cream Deodorant

Botanical Cream deodorant Aurelia London

Botanical Cream deodorant Aurelia London

€13.95 instead of €20.45 (50ml) on Lookfantastic.fr€22.95 instead of €33.95 (110ml) on Lookfantastic.fr

It’s hard to find the perfect deodorant. On our side, we have already tested a dozen of them, hoping to find the right one. This time may be the right one… If Aurelia London’s natural deodorant is acclaimed by Emma Watson, the actress is not the only one to have adopted it. “This is the best deodorant I have used”says a user in a comment on Amazon. “It is easy to apply and gives off a pleasant smell”, he continues. And if it is also appreciated, it is above all thanks to its natural and vegan formula. A significant asset when you know the toxicity of this type of product.

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A natural formula that is good for the skin

All-natural and aluminum-free, Emma Watson’s favorite deodorant is made from plants like Kaolin. The latter absorbs perspiration throughout the day while inhibiting bacteria. Shea butter, also present in the formula, gently moisturizes the skin. And for the pleasant fragrance that the deodorant releases, it is on the various essential oils that we count: tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and bergamot.

Aurelia London cream deodorant is applied with your fingertips. A small dab under each armpit is enough to last a whole day so don’t panic about the price of the product, since the jar can last several months!

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“It smells good, it does not contain controversial ingredients”: Emma Watson swears by this 100% natural deodorant