IT IS BEAUTIFUL LIKE LADY GAGA La Parole Errante, January 5, 2022, Montreuil.

from Wednesday January 5, 2022 to Friday January 7, 2022 at La Parole Errante
We are Marine and Nina. We are two bodies assigned woman at birth. We have this in common. We also have in common that we find this common evidence not so obvious. By taking our own bodies as tools and as weapons, we want to dissect what in us acts as a gender factory. By dissecting the cogs of this factory, we want to write and make heard our own stories, emancipated from the dominant and deafening Grand Récit. IT’S BEAUTIFUL LIKE LADY GAGA —————————- A journey through our bodies as living remains, constantly in motion. An impossible focus. IT’S BEAUTIFUL LIKE LADY GAGA —————————- A performance for two bodies that can contain an infinity of them – ** THE TEAM ** Collective creation – Marine BEHAR – Nina VILLANOVA Lighting / Régie Générale – Sébastien LEMARCHAND Device scenographic – Sébastien LEMARCHAND – Nina VILLANOVA External view / Prostheses – Julie CARDILE Costume consultant – Léo PERRALTA Administration – Bonnie CAROFF Production manager – Margot D’AUDIGIER Supporters – Châteauvallon, Le Liberté – Festival de Marseille – France Relaunch DRAC PACA Production – The stones waiting – ** LA COMPAGNIE ** LES PIERRES D’ATTENTE hybrid theater company is at the crossroads of multiple practices; whether artistic or not. Various materials are at work to create our shows, as so many tools, practices and knowledge are necessary for the construction of a solid architecture. We like to say that it’s about putting on shows like building cabins. —- The performance lasts about 1h15 and takes place in the large Salle de la Parole Errante. Normally there are enough places even without reservations! To reduce the risk of aerosol contagion from the virus, we wear masks inside and maintain the usual risk reduction measures, take care of ourselves! A small bar is provided on site.
Entrance at free price (5 € recommended price)
A performance for 2 bodies that can contain an infinity of them

La Parole Errante La Parole Errante, 9, rue François Debergue, 93100 Montreuil Montreuil Seine-Saint-Denis

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