is the film inspired by the life of Channing Tatum?


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The movie Magic Mike definitively launched Channing Tatum’s career in 2012. The idea for the screenplay came from him. And he drew for this from his personal experience.

Arte broadcasts this Sunday, July 10 magic mike, the story of a man living in Florida trying to start his own business. For this, he multiplies the jobs, including that of stripteaser. Channing Tatum plays the lead role in this Steven Soderbergh film. Released in 2012, it seriously boosted the actor’s career, with a critical and popular success unexpected. If the physique of the actors and the talent of dancer of Channing Tatum are largely highlighted, it is not about a simple film of dance. It is above all the fight of a man who wants to succeed. And he largely echoes the beginnings of the star.

Channing Tatum has indeed struggled for a long time before finding success. He was already 26 when he was revealed in Sexy Dance. But the teen movie did not promise him a great career. To live, he himself was a stripper in Tampa, where does the story take place. One day, he spoke of the cinematographic potential of this experience to Steven Soderbergh, reports Allociné. The director replied: “You should. Write the script and I’ll direct it.”

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A third Magic Mike in the works

Channing Tatum was therefore largely inspired by his own life, without it being an autobiography. He also insisted that‘none of the characters actually existed. “Rather than recreating episodes that I had actually experienced, I wanted to capture the atmosphere and the energy of this period, to rediscover this feeling of being at a time in one’s life when one tries many things and where we are ready to try everything”he detailed.

magic mike had a sequel in 2015, and a third opus, Magic Mike Last Dance, is scheduled for 2022. But it should be released directly in streaming on the HBO platform, without going through the cinema box. This will undoubtedly be, as the title suggests, the stripper’s last appearance. Channing Tatum had explained in particular that the training and diet to obtain the physique of the character was particularly difficult to follow, and he had therefore hesitated to embark on a third film.

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is the film inspired by the life of Channing Tatum?