Is Daniel Craig irreplaceable as James Bond? Sam Mendes talks about the future of the franchise

    Sam Mendez, Oscar winner, and director of two of the most recent films in the ‘James Bond’ saga‘Skyfall’ and ‘Spectre’, has spoken about the “grueling” experience of putting these films together, and about the future of the franchise, now that Daniel Craig is no longer a part of it, he occupies a good position on our list of James Bond actors from worst to best.

    The director’s two films were great successes, both for his filmography and for the series of films. They were placed as favorites among fans of a saga that goes back 6 decades in time. Mendes spoke with dead lineabout all this and declared: “It’s like building a scaffold and erecting a whole world… It’s exhausting in its own way.

    It is obvious to think that a production of the dimensions of the ‘James Bond’ franchise can be complicated for anyone. Even for a director who has other big hits behind him, like ‘1917’ or ‘Jarhead: Hell Awaits’. Even more so, now that another of the great challenges to be solved is presented: find a new face to take the place of 007. And it is that, Daniel Craig, despite having come to the saga without much support from the audience, has managed to win the love and respect of the fans, who now place him as one of the favorite ‘Bond’ to date.


    In the same interview, Mendes spoke about the work of Barbara Broccoli, the current producer of the franchise, and her search for the new James: “I don’t envy Barbara having to go on after all 5 Daniel movies. He reinvigorated the franchise, and it’s so big that it’s going to be hard for a younger actor to break into it.

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    However, the producer has not yet ruled on who would replace Craig (if any) and when it would be. Until now, we only have assumptions and theories (many as a result of the wishes of the fans) about who could be considered to play 007. henry cavill, known for his role as ‘The Man of Steel’, based on ‘Superman’ from DC Comics, was among the list of the most pronounced names; either Idris Elbewho recently acknowledged that he was not interested in playing ‘James Bond’.

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    As for the director, it seems doubtful that he will embark on a project within the franchise again. He recently premiered at the Telluride Film Festival, his film ‘the empire of light‘, with Olivia Colman, Michael Ward Y Colin Firth leading the cast, and which will hit theaters in December of this year. A film about cinema and love, which takes place on the British coast, in the 1980s.

    It seems that the future of Bond is today more uncertain than ever. And that we have seen him in more than one sticky situation. It will be necessary to wait until discovering what new horizons unfold before the eyes of the expectant fans of him. Until then, we will enjoy what is already released.

    The entire ‘James Bond’ film saga is available for viewing at streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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Is Daniel Craig irreplaceable as James Bond? Sam Mendes talks about the future of the franchise