Ironheart: this valuable advice that Robert Downey Jr gave to the interpreter of the character

Whether Robert Downey Jr. no longer took on the role ofIron Man from Avengers: Endgamehe did not forget the mcu however, and does not hesitate to advise newcomers, like the interpreter ofiron heart !

The introduction of a key character for the MCU sequel

For almost a week, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is available at the cinema and receives generally very positive reviews, allowing it to conclude Phase IV of the MCU with (finally) a little panache. A good thing, given the number of disappointing productions to which we have had the right over the past three years. Besides, We’ve ranked them from worst to best!

Going back to Ryan Coogler’s feature film, it introduced colorful new characters, like the super-villain mutant Namor or even Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, spiritual successor to Iron Man. Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is the actress Dominic Thorne who lends her features to the character who appeared for the first time only six years ago, in the comics. Invincible Iron Man. Speaking of Iron Man, we have to face the facts: the presence of Ironheart will unfortunately never allow us to forget the incredible character to which the excellent Robert Downey Jr. gave life. But that may just not be the point. At least not according to Tony Stark.

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Ironheart: the legacy is assured

Ironheart was introduced for the first time on screenwithin the MCU, in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She shared the poster there with many other characters, but she will soon have the right to a series that will be entirely dedicated to her. This will be soberly titled Ironheart and should see the light of day in the fall of 2023. And as much to say that the actress Dominic Thorne should be particularly confident, after encouragement and advice from Robert Downey Jr!

I couldn’t speak to Robert Downey Jr before we started filming, but towards the conclusion of the film, I actually had the chance to speak with him via FaceTime. An Ironheart cast member had previously filmed a series with him and put us in touch. [Robert Downey Jr] had beautiful words to tell me how much he thinks Riri Williams is and should always be his own person, his own thing; that this legacy goes in the right direction, and all the nice cheers you hope to hear from Iron Man himself.

—Dominic Thorne (via ScreenRant)

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We will have to be patient to find Riri Williams on the screen, and we just hope that the Ironheart series will keep its promises: recently, Dominic Thorne told Collider that we would have “the opportunity to explore the life of Riri in a less tense daily life, where the stakes are not so enormous, but also in delicate situations in which they risk putting themselves in danger because of their ambition”. A fairly classic teaser but which makes you want despite everything. Remember that at the base, the character is only a student – certainly intelligent – from MIT, perhaps a little too intelligent for her good.

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Ironheart: this valuable advice that Robert Downey Jr gave to the interpreter of the character