Iron Man: this replica of Robert Downey Jr. almost never saw the light of day

A real critical and public success, Iron Man is THE film that served as the foundation for the universe of Marvel superheroes. To celebrate fifteen years of the film, Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau plunged back into their memories linked to the first adventures of the billionaire vigilante. The producer and director have notably revealed an anecdote about a Robert Downey Jr. line added in post-production… We tell you more below!

this Robert Downey Jr. line added after filming

Marvel Studios Big Boss Kevin Feige, the man without whom the MCU would not exist, is undoubtedly the person on Earth who knows the most secrets behind the scenes of this universe of superheroes. Present since the very beginning of this now long adventure of 32 films, the producer is well known for having an eye on everything. The creative aspect is no stranger to him. In an interview between him and Jon Favreau, the director ofIron Manwe discover that the two men added this line in post-production:

Which iconic line from Marvel Studios’ #IronMan was added after filming? Find out from Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau.

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May 25, 2023

In this film in particular, thanks to your presence and that of Robert [Downey Jr.], there’s a real balance between making fun, but also, and that’s what you know how to do so well, taking things seriously. I remember we added the line in ADR [processus de ré-enregistrement audio en post-production, ndlr] when Tony comes out of the cave and takes all the bullets. And then we added this very serious moment”My turn” (“My turn“). And he lights the flames. There was a high degree of corniness in there. But Robert made it cool. And I think it’s a very stylish moment.

A clever mix of seriousness and humor, laughter and tragedy, Iron Man is the illustration of the Marvel recipe as it works best. Emotion, a certain tenderness, some intense passages and action often too muchall sprinkled with a pleasurable humour, the film has not aged a bit… And it’s lines like the one above that are part of its charm!

For those of you who are bilingual, watch the full interview (and in English) above!

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Iron Man: this replica of Robert Downey Jr. almost never saw the light of day