Iron Man back? Robert Downey Jr. is on the set of Captain America 4

Robert Downey Jr. spotted on Captain America 4 set, security guard says The return of Iron Man or a simple passage of the actor to greet his former fellow travelers? The theories are revived!

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The Marvel films continue over several years but it is clear that the success is less there. It must be said that the old team is no longer there, including Robert Downey Jr. who carried the cinematographic universe on his shoulders. Tony Stark is now dead following his sacrifice in Avengers: Endgamewhich perfectly explains artificial intelligence, and leaves its place. However, the actor is present on the set of Captain America 4 according to a security guard.

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Robert Downey Jr. was spotted on the set of Captain America 4

Nawar Shora is a security guard near the film set of Captain America 4 and on LinkedIn, the man reveals that Robert Downey Jr. is present.

They turn Captain America 4 around the White House and near my office. I was on a little run when I noticed all the lights and equipment, finally asked one of the security people about it. He was very talkative and kind, he told me that Robert Downey Jr. was there last night and they’re driving all kinds of “supercars””.

Nawar Shora

As a reminder, Robert Downey Jr. has a show called Downey’s Dream Cars where the actor and his specialists restore classic cars to make them more ecological. It is possible that the interpreter of Tony Stark filmed an episode of his series with Anthony Mackie who plays Falcon/Captain America. Hence his presence on the set. Or the return of Iron Man via the multiverse?

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The return of Iron Man as a variant of the multiverse?

The other theory, though unlikely, is Iron Man’s return in multiverse variant form. At least to pass a head, at least. If this possibility is ruled out, it is because it goes against the gesture of Tony Stark who sacrifices himself to save billions of lives against Thanos.

Bringing him back, even for a cameo, is of little interest. Unless Marvel uses this card to attract spectators many of which are beginning to turn away from the MCU since Phase 4.

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Iron Man back? Robert Downey Jr. is on the set of Captain America 4