June 11, 2021

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“Infinite”: Mark Wahlberg wanted to have his “Matrix”, but …

Infinite Mark Wahlberg wanted to have his Matrix but

“Jupiter Ascending”, “Dead Again”, “Little Buddha”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “Cloud Atlas”, “Birth” with Nicole Kidman: casually, Hollywood has already taken advantage of the theme of reincarnation. But none of the above films can be defined as a masterpiece. Unfortunately, the same applies to the blockbuster launched this Thursday, June 10 by the recent American streaming platform Paramount +, which is not yet available in Belgium. The film in question is titled ” Infinite »And immediately presents two major advantages: Mark Wahlberg at the top of his poster and Antoine Fuqua at its realization. As a reminder, he had staged the excellent “Training Day” and “Equalizer 1 and 2”, and in the United States, critics have already accused his “Infinite” of error of course. We won’t go that far, but first let’s set the scene for this science fiction story adapted from the book “The Reincarnationist Papers” by D. Eric Maikranz.

Its central character is Evan McCauley (Wahlberg), a 40-year-old ostracized from society who was declared schizophrenic by medicine when he was very young. A victim of hallucinations and subject to fits of violence, he will one day be explained by the young Nora Brightman (Sophie Cookson) that his visions are in fact memories of his past lives. Like her, he is part of that half a thousand souls called the “Infinites” who have the capacity to know what they were in previous incarnations. But they are divided into two groups: the “Believers” who want to use this gift to make the Earth a better world, and the “Nihilists” who, conversely, intend to destroy it with everything. which composes it because they find meaningless, and a curse, the incessant and eternal process of reincarnation. In this second category, a certain Bathurst, played by Rupert Friend in his 1985 life in Scotland, had created a kind of egg that would allow him to destroy everything here below. And he came back to our time – in the guise of Chiwetel Ejiofor – and will obviously be confronted with Evan, who has just made an incredible sword, the result of his learning “before” …

This is the summary of the introduction to this super-production which is not without qualities, and first of all impresses with its very spectacular action scenes, chases in cars, motorcycles and airplanes, and fights of all kinds. At this level, we often remain speechless, even knowing that it is with a lot of synthetic images that all this has been done. The problem is that this side “rhythm and castagne” takes too much precedence over the subject of the film, namely the fight of good against evil against a backdrop of reincarnation, which therefore seems just a pretext to give us plenty of it. eyes. Here the “mythology” is presented quickly and in a way too academic, and in addition it is a complication … In short, it will pass over the coffee maker of the majority of the spectators, who will fall back with pleasure the moments of action. At the same time, one wonders if the subject in presence does not risk to put off those fond of action, precisely, who will not know exactly what there is to see here …

In all honesty, and even if we want to defend fictions concerned with raising awareness and questioning on the spiritual ground, this film leaves an impression of imbalance, therefore, and of blind piloting. As for Mark Wahlberg, he is not really in it… But obviously, Antoine Fuqua and he will have the right to other lives!