June 30, 2021

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Inexpensive plan: discover 5 mobile plans to pay less than 7 € / month!

Inexpensive plan discover 5 mobile plans to pay less than

You have the opportunity to pay your mobile plan cheaper thanks to several specials available at the moment. Is your goal to have a single-digit monthly payment? Our selection of mobile plans now offer you price less than 7 € / month! You will be able to save before going on vacation. Don’t worry each of these mobile plans offers data and unlimited. Don’t wait any longer to change!

RED and its new promo at 5 €:

A new promo has been available at RED by SFR for a few hours. A small data envelope, unlimited and a low price, these are the ingredients of this new offer. At only € 5 / month, the RED package 5GB is one of the mobile plans without commitment the cheapest on the market.

The fact that it is proposed without duration condition is a real advantage because you do not risk that its price will double after one year of subscription.

This promotional mobile plan includes 5GB of 4G in mainland France, 6GB of data from the EU and overseas departments as well as unlimited communications from these three areas.

New Bouygues Telecom package at € 4.99:

The Bouygues Telecom package uses the RED package codes. Indeed, with a price at € 4.99 unconditionally, you can take advantage of the incumbent operator’s network without obligation. As it is a forfait B&You, you can also benefit from a price guaranteed unconditionally, so it will not budge after 6 or 12 months of contract.

bouygues package on offer

Regarding its content, the Bouygues package included unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It also includes a 5GB data envelope available from France, Europe and the overseas departments.

Prixtel and its 20GB mobile plan at € 4.99:

Prixtel offers one of the best data / price ratio with its mobile plan in promo The little. In fact, until June 29, 2021 inclusive, you can subscribe to a mobile plan with 20GB of 4G for only € 4.99 / month. This price will not change during the entire first year of the subscription, it will then increase to € 9.99 / month.

As it is a non-binding plan, you have the option of canceling before the price increases even if in any case, at less than ten euros per month, you are getting a good deal.

price tel mobile plan

Prixtel will therefore let you benefit from 20GB of data available in mainland France, including 10GB can be used when traveling in the EU or the overseas departments. Moreover, from these destinations and mainland France, you can use unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

Last advantage and not the least, Prixtel lets you choose between the Orange network and the SFR network when you subscribe.

Auchan and its mobile plan promo at € 5.99:

Auchan Télécom also offers a nice internet envelope for a minimum price for the first year. If you choose this offer, you will benefit from 50Go of 4G, or the largest data volume in our selection. If you are used to using 4G on your smartphone a lot for your social media apps or for watch streaming movies, this mobile plan will suit you more.

With a monthly payment of € 5.99 / month for one year then € 13.99 / month, the Auchan mobile plan is available without term commitment and it is deployed on the Bouygues Telecom network.

Auchan mobile plan

Calls, SMS and MMS are included in unlimited from France, overseas departments and the EU in order to be able to communicate all the time. Are you interested in this inexpensive package? You have until July 7, 2021 included to benefit!

Coriolis and its unlimited plan at € 6.99 / month:

Until June 30, 2021 inclusive, Coriolis allows you to subscribe to its 30GB mobile plan on discount. If you subscribe to this mobile plan, you will only pay € 6.99 / month for twelve months then € 14.99 / month. This offer is available without obligation, so you can end your contract at any time.

Coriolis packages are available on the SFR network and for the duration of the promo, the SIM card will cost you only € 5 instead of € 10.

coriolis mobile plan

The 30GB envelope is available in mainland France but 8GB of this envelope can be used each month from the DOM / COM or the EU. You can also phone without limit and send SMS and MMS without counting from the French overseas departments and territories, the EU and of course, mainland France.