Inexpensive adjustable plan: the new YouPrice operator is revolutionizing the market

Newly arrived on the French market, YouPrice is an MVNO that specializes in a particularly interesting niche: adjustable plans. In partnership with two major Telecom operators, this new supplier offers a wide range of formulas that adapt to the specific needs and consumption rate of each user. His leitmotif? Offer you the ideal package at the fairest price!

YouPrice: flexible mobile plans for maximum savings

Very advantageous for consumers, an adjustable plan is based on flexible billing that adapts to your data consumption each month. It’s simple: instead of paying a fixed rate every month, which is often too high, this formula takes into account the volume of data that you have actually consumed.
The rate applied for the months during which you use the service less is therefore lower. Which allows you toavoid excessive billing overagesand therefore to make real savings all year round.
At YouPrice, three different billing levels are offered for each plan:

  • A minimum level
  • An intermediate step
  • A maximum level

You are therefore sure, each month, to pay the fairest possible price for your mobile plan, and to manage your budget as well as possible.

YouPrice offers: 4 formulas for all user profiles

In order to respond as effectively as possible to the specific needs of users, YouPrice offers 4 formulas of inexpensive adjustable packages. Each of these comes in two options, depending on which partner operator you choose.

Because you should know that YouPrice does not collaborate with one, but rather two operators: SFR and Orange. Both covering the whole of the metropolitan territory, the latter make it possible to take advantage of the broadband (4G/4G+/5G) wherever you go.

With YouPrice, each of them offers a specific package for each formula. When subscribing, you choose the operator and the package that suits you best among the following:

The One: from 11 to 33 GB

This mini package starts from €4.49/month (€9.99/month after the first year) with SFR. For the Orange package, it is from €5.49 for the first 12 months, then €9.99.

The Essential: from 66 to 111 GB

Give yourself more volume and more freedom with this formula. It starts at €6.49/month for the first 12 months (then €12.99/month) at SFR. Orange offers it, for its part, from €7.49 the first year, then €12.99/month.

image Cta YouPrice 66Go SFR package.jpg

The Plus: from 111 to 155 GB

More possibilities and more savings are possible with the Plus formula! With an entry price of €9.49/month for the first 12 months, this package remains below €10 at SFR. With Orange, you start at €10.49/month for the first year, then €15.99/month.

image CTA package YouPrice 111Go.jpg

The Optimal: from 166 to 222 GB

This is the ideal maxi adjustable package! Stream and download as much content as you want and save during the months when you are not connected.

  • SFR rate: from €10.49/month for 12 months, then €16.99/month;
  • Orange rate: from €11.49/month for 12 months, then €16.99/month.

image CTA package YouPrice 166Go SFR.jpg

Telephony and uses abroad also included

Whatever YouPrice formula you subscribe to, it includes, in addition to the volume of Internet data, sunlimited phone services.
In particular, you have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS throughout mainland France, but also from the EU and the overseas departments for your short stays in these areas. Depending on the package purchased, certain limits and specifics apply.

In addition, all YouPrice adjustable plans include a monthly web envelope usable from the EU and the French overseas departments :

  • 11 GB for the Le One formula;
  • 14 GB for L’Essential
  • 16 GB for the Plus
  • 22 GB for The Optimal

Mobile plans without commitment

All adjustable packages marketed by YouPrice are non-binding. So you are free to cancel at any timeand free of charge.


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Inexpensive adjustable plan: the new YouPrice operator is revolutionizing the market