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Directed by Ron Howard in 2015, “In the Heart of the Sea” sees Chris Hemsworth star in the film. While he is often used to gaining muscle to play the superhero Thor, this time he had to lose it for the needs of this feature film.

In the heart of the ocean : a special revisit of a famous novel

For a good century, there have been countless film, television, literary or even theatrical adaptations of the novel. Moby-Dick. However, few adaptations are really interested in the origins of this famous book. That’s what Ron Howard is trying to do in 2015 with In the heart of the ocean. Indeed, you should know that Hermann Melville, author of the cult novel published in 1851 was himself a former sailor.

His story is then inspired by several real maritime facts having occurred, including the existence of a white whale Mocha Dick which regularly attacked the whalers or even the sinking of the whaler Essex in 1820 which sank following the attack of a huge sperm whale. It was after meeting the son of one of the surviving sailors that Melville decided to use the latter’s story to shape the work.

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In the heart of the ocean is him a film adaptation of the eponymous book by Nathaniel Philbrick published in 2000, which told the sinking of the Essex. We therefore follow the writer Herman Melville who visits one of the survivors of the whaler. He then tells her his fantastic and tragic story. On the casting side, we find strong actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, Ben Wishaw, Michelle Fairley, and even a certain Tom Holland (whom Hemsworth would later reunite with in the Marvel movies).

Chris Hemsworth gives it his all

For the second time, the Australian actor collaborates with Ron Howard, two years later Rush. The American director is a regular at films based on true storiesas seen with Apollo 13, An exceptional man, From shadow to light , Rush and so In the heart of the ocean. Very demanding with his actors so that he can remain faithful to the real context of the plot, he therefore imposed on Chris Hemsworth and the other actors ofIn the heart of the ocean to follow a very strict diet, based on 500 calories a day! A real novelty for the actor since in recent years he was more used to gaining weight to play the Norse god Thor in Marvel films. On his Instagram account, he also revealed the impressive result. He appears bearded and 10 kilos thinner!

However, the actor will quickly regain biceps since after In the heart of the oceanhe was expected in tested blockbusters such as The Hunter and the Ice Queenand especially Thor: Ragnarok.

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In the heart of the ocean: Chris Hemsworth lost a lot of weight for the film – CinéSéries