In Reminiscence, Thandiwe Newton evokes the deepest memories

If there is one memory Thandiwe Newton chose to relive once again, it would be the birth of her daughter. “And again. And again. At home, in a birthing pool ”, confesses the actress.

“Every year I remember her birthday and call her to tell her about her labor; she knows what contraction led to the birth of her head, she knows how I got her out of my body. Yes, it is a reminiscence and we return there every year ”, he details.

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Emmy winner for her work on the series Westworld He evokes this moment as the person in charge of his personal and professional training. “Without her it would not be Maeve –His character on the HBO series–. Without her I would not have met Lisa Joy and I would not be talking to you about this new project, and I would not be helping women to fight for their freedom, as I do now.

That new project that Thandiwe Newton refers to is Reminiscence, a tape that starts from the deepest memories to point out the most perverse horrors of the human being and that this weekend opens in Mexico.

The film is directed by Lisa Joy, creator of the series Westworld for which Newton won the Emmy in 2018. Produced by Jonathan Nolan – the director’s husband -, it is headed by Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson, in addition to the special participation of the Oscar-nominated Mexican actress, Marina de Tavira.

Reminiscence is a journey through memory set in postwar apocalyptic Miami on the brink of flooding. Nostalgia for days gone by has become an attractive market, same as the private investigator Nick Bannister (Jackman), explodes by helping his clients relive lost memories with a machine in a water tank. Until he discovers a case that haunts him and leads him to encounter a secret conspiracy.

“Lisa Joy innovated many things in this movie, her first feature film. Technology that had never been produced before and that arose from his insistence, his creativity, imagination, his rebellious nature and desire to break a system that does not work, to highlight the problems that lie ahead in the future ”, he says twice winner of the Critics’ Choice Award.

“We were literally holding a press day for this movie and on the news they reported the need to build a flood wall in Miami because the sea level is rising. Reminiscence it’s about that ”, emphasizes the actress.

For this story, Thandiwe Newton interprets the Watts, a former military man who tries to evade her troubled past through alcohol. “I am fascinated by the idea of ​​addictions and, in this case, alcoholism that has been present in my life because I have been surrounded by people who fight against it. That really defined who this character was. ”

The invitation came from Lisa Joy, who once on the set of Westworld He told Newton about his idea of ​​making this tape. And without realizing it, that day he did a casting that gave him the role immediately.

“Lisa saw me as Maeve on Westworld and he had the firm feeling that he could create that character, something that has been one of the best things that has happened to me personally or professionally. With Watts, I was able to explore and play a personality that I don’t think I would necessarily have had the opportunity to play in another role, “he concludes.