IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Jean Dujardin is savoring the end of his shooting in the Cotentin …

Jean Dujardin took a gentle break at the Auberge des Grottes table and did not fail to sign the guestbook. (© La Presse de la Manche)

A superb light, an absent wind… The conditions were ideal this Monday 8 November 2021 p.m. for the director Denis Imbert who came to shoot the last scenes of his film The path of Peter to the nose of Jobourg. “This morning, I received a phone call saying ‘We’re on the road, we’re coming’. Immediately, I informed the Deputy Mayor ”, indicates Bérengère Fafin, secretary of the delegated town hall of Jobourg (Some).

“Incredible luck”

a filming all in discretion. Only the catering tents, a few trucks and large rental cars signaled that something special was happening at the entrance to the Nose de Jobourg site.

We are very happy that they chose Jobourg for the final scenes. It is an incredible opportunity and it is proof that he attaches importance to our region. In the film, the route is a bit of a diagonal. The fact that we are at its end is a bit symbolic, which is rather interesting.

Simon CervantesDeputy Mayor of Jobourg

« Jean Dujardin is a super nice person as well as the whole crew of the film, ”he also emphasizes. “This meeting was pleasant and I believe that all pleased those present for photos with a few words of discussion. “

A little word about the guestbook …

Arrived around noon in the Hague, the actor Jean Dujardin walked the paths a little near the nose of Jobourg to get in the mood then he did honor to the menu of theAuberge des Grottes, which displayed Saint-Jacques and Paleron accompanied by French toast and liquorice ice cream for dessert.

“He asked to meet our chef to congratulate him,” says Erwan Trevaux, room manager. A little note is even written on the guestbook: “So good, really. See you soon. “

Adapted from an autobiographical account

Previously in the south of the department then in Barneville-Carteret, the film crew The paths of Peter had posed camera and equipment for a day in the nose of Jobourg to shoot different sequences on the hiking trail as well as at the foot of the cliffs.

The director had scouted and we are following Sylvain Tesson’s story. Here is a bit of a natural ending after nine weeks of filming, and we like the weather.

Matthew Walterproducer

This film, also with the credits Anny Duperey and Jonathan Zaccaï, is a adaptation of the novel by Sylvain Tesson On the black roads, which corresponds to a autobiographical story of a trip and his encounters through France from Mercantour (Alpes-Maritimes) to Cotentin.

“This film is produced by Film Radar. He tells the story of the reconstruction of a man who fell from a wall in Chamonix and who said to his doctors: “If I get out of it, I will cross France from Mercantour to Cotentin on foot”, by what he said. calls the black roads. We are at the end of the journey and even at the last day, ”says Matthieu Walter.

>>> A visit to La Kalakiki

The Kalakiki also hosted the shoot.
The Kalakiki also hosted the shoot. (© La Presse de la Manche)

After the beach, in front of the Vieille-Église, on Saturday, Jean Dujardin and the Chemins de Pierre film crew were again this Monday morning in Carteret and went to La Kalakiki before heading for La Hague. “This summer, we were asked to shoot the film“ Les Chemins de Pierre ”,” explains Romain Lemoigne, the manager of this famous bar-restaurant on the Côte des Isles.

The film crew came to spot the places, they liked the sets. Amélie, Fabienne and I play the extras, an actor replaces me behind the bar.

Romain Lemoigne

François Courval, from technical services, had to water the road in front of the restaurant very early in the morning for filming purposes. A few filming trucks parked in front of the channel. Once the team was in place, Jean Dujardin made several appearances, entering and leaving the bar in front of the public. Then inside comes the moment when the famous “Silence, it’s spinning”. Everyone is asked to be silent, including on the port. The cars are stopped.

Some residents of Barneville-Carteret were present to see the “star” of the day. Roger D’Haene, great trainer (ex!) of trotters in La Manche, and his wife are among the curious.

I find it very good for Barneville-Carteret that there are shootings. It brings life and makes our tourist resort known. And it’s my wife’s birthday today! I hope that Jean Dujardin will accept a photo…

The shots ended at the end of the morning. Jean Dujardin and the whole team then took the road to La Hague for the last shots in the Cotentin after nine weeks of filming.

From our correspondents Philippe QUEVASTRE and Chantal LECLERC.

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IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Jean Dujardin is savoring the end of his shooting in the Cotentin …