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On the occasion of his birthday, discover five facts about the rapper from Compton, from its eclecticism to its history.

1) his older sister was murdered when he was 12 years old

Long beforeIce Cube Not gaining popularity thanks to his raw lyrics that spoke of police violence and guns, the rapper had faced gun violence at the age of twelve. Indeed, Ice Cube’s big sister, Beverley Jean Brown, then 22, was shot by her husband in an act of murder-suicide. This barbaric act took place a few houses where the young rapper lived with his family.

Since that day, Ice Cube attributed many of his pieces to the use of pistols, whether in street gangs or with corrupt police, or unfortunately used by ordinary citizens. He dismantled ideals about gun violence and atrocities, relying on the fact that the United States is a country ruled by guns, and that they are the number one cause of his sister’s death.

2) If it hadn’t been for rap, he would have made a career in architecture

Large numbers of people are not aware of this information, but be aware that Ice Cube has a degree in architectural drawing. While his group BLACK was about to explode, the young rapper decided to take a break. At that time, he didn’t think that he and his rapper sidekicks would make enough money from their passions to make a living from it, especially because of their raw lyrics and the maddening amount of swear words in their lyrics.

He therefore decided to go to Arizona in order to obtain a diploma from the Phoenix Technological Institute in the fall of 1987. His famous certificate is still waiting for him, since he would never have gone to pick it up. He spoke about it all the same: “If you want me to draw a house for you, I can do it, but I can’t assure you that it will be habitable”.

3) He converted to Islam in the 90s

It may seem surprising, but Ice Cube converted to Islam in the 90s. However, it is not known which religion practiced the latter before his conversion. Nonetheless, the California rapper claims his ties to Islam are pure and spiritual, considering he has a relationship with God and not with a cult or faction.

However, being a Muslim, Ice Cube never goes to the Mosque as he thinks he doesn’t need to, since his relationship is only about him and God. Apparently, since he has a family, the rapper has cut ties with his religion, without telling the newspapers what beliefs he wanted to raise his children.

4) He released the first hip-hop EP to be certified platinum.

Here is an exceptional and unbeatable record, since frozen in time. In 1988, Ice Cube decided to leave BLACK in order to start a solo career. He felt that he was not recognized at his fair value considering what he brought to the group, and that he was not paid enough. On his contract, he wasn’t even legally recognized as a member of the Compton group.

He therefore began his solo career in 1989 with the superb and cult album AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. The majority of the pieces present were also clashes and spikes thrown at the head and ears of his former teammates. The same year, Ice Cube released the EP Kill At Will, which sold so well that it became hip-hop’s first short project to be certified platinum.

5) He had a great career in film and propelled actor Chris Tucker to world star status

In 1992, Ice Cube began his film career starring in a low budget movie set in his neighborhood. This film ? Boyz N The Hood, which quickly turned into a classic of the genre. Following the huge success of the feature film, rumor has it that director John Singleton advised the rapper to write scripts with the strong resemblance to writing rap lyrics as the main argument.

With this encouragement, Ice Cube delivered the script for the comedy Friday, which was released in theaters in 1995. This film was a great success and launched the career of a friend from the rapper’s neighborhood: Chris Tucker. Subsequently, the actor turned in films of Tarantino (Jackie Brown), de Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) where again in the Rush Hour saga alongside Jackie Chan.

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