‘I was lost and I asked for help’: Brendan Fraser opens up after winning his Oscar and explains how he is revered in Hollywood again

Brendan Fraser is a unique figure in Hollywood. The actor, who acted in The whale by Darren Aronosfky, he won his Oscar for the role of his life, moving everyone and everyone with a beautiful speech. After explaining what the process of becoming a teacher weighing more than 300 kilos was like, the interpreter, just before joining the actors’ strike, collected an award at the ischia festival and explained how His life has changed after the statuette and how he dealt with the worst moments of his entire existence.

Brendan Fraser admits that he is happy, that he had a very bad time but that the scar has not changed him as a person

“I consider myself the luckiest person I know and I still can’t believe I won. I didn’t expect it, really, I still have to pinch myself… Above all I feel a responsibility because I want to be worthy of the prize”commented in it IlMessaggero. Of course, the Oscar has not changed him as a person, at all, and he admits that he is in a cloud that allows him to choose better projects and be more selective. In fact, the interpreter has commented that one of the real luxuries is being able to have worked alongside Martin Scorsese in the expected the moon killersthe film in which we share the screen with Leonardo DiCaprio and which will hit theaters in October.

“The director called me before the Oscars, and he directed me, playing a lawyer who defends the “monster” DeNiro, it was fantastic. I felt like I was watching a Renaissance artist in action.“, he admits. Fraser, who is being very active in the actors’ strike, has certain fears and reservations with artificial intelligence, but the truth is that it is much more positive than other professional colleagues who fear the irruption of this type of technology in Hollywood and the way of making movies. “Even mobile phones 30 years ago were considered evil. But without 3D technology I couldn’t have starred in ‘The whale’... you have to set limits, but I am optimistic and I think a middle point will be found”, admits the interpreter who remembers that he has gone through very bad times in his life, but that he does not feel sorry for himself.

For me, success is seeing my autistic son surrounded by people who love him.

I went through some difficultiesas everyone does, but being a public figure I ran the risk of being overstepped. It didn’t happen, fortunately, because I decided to ask for help. i was brave“says the actor The Mummy while being asked about some success he is proud of in his film career. “A success? Everyone will say”The whale’and I cannot deny it, but also having continued making films and surviving Covid. A dream? seeing my son Griffin Arthur, 20, autistic, increasingly independent and surrounded by people who love himhe concluded. Fraser is unique.

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‘I was lost and I asked for help’: Brendan Fraser opens up after winning his Oscar and explains how he is revered in Hollywood again