“I was blown away by this story”: Christian Bale uncovers in ‘Amsterdam’ a historical episode unknown to many

The actor stars in and produces the new David O. Russell, with whom he already worked on ‘The Great American Swindle’. In theaters from October 28.

History hides, on many occasions, great anecdotes and characters that exceed what any Hollywood movie can tell. David O. Russell and Christian Bale have relied on the well-known saying ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ to develop amsterdam, his last movie. It is a film set in the 1930s that uncovers an episode in American history unknown to many. And, as he warns us, Bale in an interview with SensaCinemawill surprise us. Remember: it hits theaters on Friday, October 28.

The background to the actual event in American history leaves you speechless. Hopefully, people can go and check it out. Robert De Niro’s character, General Gil Dillenbeck, is inspired by it. We were both amazed by this story that I did not know and that David taught me [O. Russell]

“We have discovered that very few people knew about it and the reason is that this man spoke of making a truce to power and that power did not like it. So he was buried,” continues Bale.

The story they speak of is known as the ‘Business plot’ or, what is the same, an alleged conspiracy that was carried out to remove Roosevelt from power. Robert De Niro’s character is based on Smedley Butler, a highly popular general in the US Army who was instrumental in preventing an attack on the president. We don’t want to give away too much about the plot, but it’s a conspiracy that looks like something out of the best spy movies.

The most important thing we wanted to present in the film is how you deal with such a world. How do you stay optimistic, love and enjoy life in front of bigwigs who rule and ruin the world so often

The ‘Business Plot’ is at the origin of this film, but it is not what structures the narration. What is really important is the friendship that exists between the three main characters: Burt (Bale), Harold (John David Washington) and Valerie (Margot Robbie). “Despite all the wounds they have suffered in life, physical and mental, they maintain that precious optimism and hope”ditch the actor.


“Between 50 and 60% based on real events”

To clarify: amsterdam It is a fictional story but with a foundation based on reality. “Christian and I would look at pictures of crowds and parties from that period and say, ‘Look at these friends, look at these lovers. I’ve never heard their story. I don’t think it’s recorded, so we can create our characters to create that story“, tells SensaCinema David O. Russell, the director.

Through these photographs and people they never really met, they built their own cinema. Totally original, but with many winks. “There are a lot of things that are true and I think it’s funny for the audience that looks for it.. We create our own original cinema with a combination of 50-60% of things that are real”, continues O. Russell.

An important part of these true stories focuses on the protagonists, who are based on people that David O. Russell knows lived during the 1930s. There were doctors who were sent to the army like Christian Bale, lawyers trying to improve the world like the one played by John David Washington or nurse-artists like the one brought to life by Margot Robbie. And they all meet in Amsterdam, a city that provided “greater freedom than they had in the United States.” There the protagonists are happy and free enough to be able to send an optimistic message to the viewer.

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“I was blown away by this story”: Christian Bale uncovers in ‘Amsterdam’ a historical episode unknown to many