June 15, 2021

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I want to be Robert de Niro, by Juan Manuel Bellver

I want to be Robert de Niro by Juan Manuel

When I grow up, I want to be like Robert de Niro. This is: to have global success working on what I like, investing in restaurants in Manhattan, living hard, having expensive divorces, and when things go wrong for me, that Madrid Fusion invite me to the most spectacular dinner of my life.

It looks like one of those sentimental comedies from Nora ephron or Richard Curtis that triumphed in the 90s: a lot of entanglement, some urban manners, a pinch of morality and a friendly ending. But it’s about, paraphrasing David lynch, of a true story.

The international gastronomy summit Madrid Fusión, which is traditionally held in winter, had to postpone its nineteenth edition this year due to the boom in pandemic