“I don’t know if I can move my neck”: Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones almost died filming this drama based on true events that was the most watched movie on Prime Video

The actors, who already worked together on ‘The Theory of Everything’, repeated in a film directed by Tom Harper in which they suffered an accident.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones starred in The theory of everything, becoming one of the great acting couples of 2015. The two ended up with an Oscar nomination and the interpreter took the statuette. Years after the story about marriage Stephen Y Jane HawkingRedmayne and Jones reprized together on The Aeronautsa film that premiered in 2019 on Prime Video and was the most viewed on the platform Amazon.

The Aeronauts, directed by Tom Harper, is based on true events. Specifically, in the balloon flight that took place on September 5, 1862 and what they carried out James Glaisher Y henry coxwell, the British balloonists who broke the world record for flying altitude. While Glaisher is the character played by Redmayne, Coxwell has been replaced in the story by Amelia Wrenplayed by Jones and created for the film.

In the movie, each character has a goal when starting the balloon flight. Glaisher, a scientist, wants to test his theory that the weather can be predicted. Wren, a pilot, seeks to redeem himself from the ghosts of his past.

To shoot the film, Redmayne and Jones filmed their scenes in a balloon and an accident almost ended their lives. This has been told by the actor in an interview with Deadline.

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“I really almost died in that movie”, has confessed the Oscar-winning interpreter. For the production, a 19th century hot air balloon was recreated and they had a real pilot to control the balloon. When it was his turn to shoot, he hid in the basket while the helicopters and drones filmed. Everything was going well until one day things got very ugly.

“As we come ashore we’re about to crash in some woods, but the guy tells me and Felicity to drop ballast. Drop the bags! We drop the bags, get up a little bit and go around the trees,” Redmayne says. on the sandbags that are tied to the basket of the balloon and that help to modify the height of the flight.

I dont know if I can move my neck Eddie
amazon studios

The problem is that Redmayne and Jones had thrown all the bags away and that was not what they had to do. “Basically we had lost any ability to get up again. Now what happens is that we are totally clinging to the design of the gods and we go down and we hit the trees and this gigantic basket falls to the ground from about 30 meters. We crash to the ground. We are dressed in our 19th century costumes. Felicity’s head bangs and hits a bar and there’s silence.“, he comments.

After the accident, they feared the worst:

I just remember total ‘shock’ and hearing Felicity say, ‘I don’t know if I can move my neck.’ A horrible moment. As it turned out, she was totally fine. Then we get in the cars and we look at each other and we think that the whole movie is about the fear of this technology.

Fortunately, as Redmayne relates, there was nothing to regret. However, the couple of actors got a good scare. The result of the film was positive for Prime Video, as it was the most viewed film. This was confirmed in the 2020 Sundance Film Festival jennifer salkethe leader of Amazon Studios.

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“I don’t know if I can move my neck”: Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones almost died filming this drama based on true events that was the most watched movie on Prime Video