“I couldn’t hold on …”: Millie Bobby Brown surprised by answering some personal questions – The Intranews

UNITED STATES.- The young British celebrity Millie Bobby Brown, it has a great fandom behind it. This has to do with your participation in Stranger Things, which has led her to achieve world fame. This great success led her to launch her own makeup line “Florence By Mills“. In its feed from Instagram, shared a video doing her makeup routine while answering some questions.

On her official Instagram profile, the actress has more than 46 million followers who constantly interact with her. So he decided to post a video of Instagram TV, where he published his makeup routine, and took the opportunity to answer some questions that were previously asked by his fans. It is a four minute video where he talked about some personal aspects.

One of the first questions they asked Millie Bobby Brown it was how long he could endure without sleeping. As she applied her Florence By Mills liquid foundation, she replied, “One night I think, being with my friends. I couldn’t take more than that. ” Then the question was about her favorite childhood memory, to which she said, “My favorite childhood memory is whatever it is with my grandmother.”

Millie Bobby Brown He also included some more casual questions, such as: “What song would you sing at karaoke?”, to which he replied: “Valery, from Amy Winehouse, I think it’s a great choice ”. He also confessed that one of his hobbies is writing, which surprised his fans. As for fashion, she said that she loves sandals and doesn’t care if they are trending, as she wears them anyway. “I’m a rebel,” she joked.

As she answered the questions, she continued with her makeup routine, applying mascara and blush to her cheeks. Millie Bobby Brown stated that if she would be part of a musical group she would like it to be Spice Girls. He also responded about which movie he can watch over and over again, stating that this is “UP“, The Disney film.