I am a legend: after the film’s box office record, Will Smith had an unlikely reaction

Will Smith revealed he was disappointed with the box office of I’m a legend when the film was released in 2007.

Hollywood falls into two categories: those who have a busy box office and those who widen the studio deficit. A Jai Courtney, he hits rock bottom and he digs some more. But a Will Smith from the early 2000s, can claim to make a Mexican Standoff with any Tom Hanks or other headliners bankable enough to carry the worst ideas on their shoulders (Cuckoo Suicide Squad).

Men In Black 2 ($ 440 million), Bad Boys 2 (273 millions), I Robot (340 millions), HitchSeduction expert (nearly 370 million) … up to Hancock and his $ 629 million in 2008, Will Smith will do almost only home-runs at the global and domestic box office despite one or two mishaps (La Legende de Bagger Vance, But), which will end up going slightly to his head.

You won’t have my cash !”

In December 2007, Smith was still in a bathrobe on top of the world since he was wearing I’m a legend, third adaptation of the novel by Richard Matheson, directed by Francis Lawrence (Constantine). With a budget of nearly $ 150 million, the film will beat the record for the biggest weekend in December in the United States (at the time), for a release outside the holiday season (December 14, 2007) with $ 77 million, thus beating The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($ 72 million).

A record that was apparently not enough for Will Smith when he learned it over the phone through his producer-partner James Lassiter, as he revealed on the microphone of the Oprah Winfrey show, The Oprah Conversation :

“I was excited for 30 seconds, then my brain just twisted, I told J [James Lassiter, ndlr] : “Hey, why do you think we missed the 80s?” He replied: “What?” and I said, “It was 77, don’t you think we should have adjusted the ending? Because I wanted the ending to be more Gladiator.” He replied again: “It’s a historic record, what are you talking about?” and I said to him: “J, I understand that, I’m just asking you, why do you think we missed the 80?”. And that’s the only time he hung up on me. “

photo, Will SmithWhen Will Smith sets up roadblocks to force you to go to the movies

Smith always asserted preferred to blow the box office than rain the rewards, but he had obviously reached a point of no return which required a step back and almost 4 years spent away from the plateau, between Seven Lives (2008) and Men in Black 3 (2012). Four years which will undoubtedly have been enough for him to realize that Wild Wild West was still a nice purge.

Since then, Willy is a little better and will try to transform the test of La Methode Williams which will arrive on November 19 in the United States and December 1, 2021 in French theaters. We wish him the $ 77 million opening, even if we slightly doubt it.

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I am a legend: after the film’s box office record, Will Smith had an unlikely reaction