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Hilary Swank write down names and solve crimes in Alaska Dailythe new ABC series that premiered on the network on Thursday, October 6. Seeking the truth in a time when no one cares about honesty, Swank anchors the series as a hungry investigative journalist finding himself at odds with his profession and modern times. Tom McCarthy (Still water) serves as the creator of the series, and he is no stranger to the world of journalism as he wrote the Best Picture-Winner, Projector. Delve into the crisis of missing and murdered resourceful women in Alaska, bundle up to descend down a freezing rabbit hole in this highly anticipated series.

Swank stars as New York journalist Eileen Fitzgerald and finds herself “cancelled” following a poorly researched article and her hard-working behavior that some find cruel. Now out of work, Fitzgerald is forced to come to terms with who she has become as she leaves the Big Apple for Anchorage, Alaska. Recruited to come write for The Daily Alaskan newspaper, she is hired to cover a series of cases of missing and murdered Native women in the community that have not been solved.

A two-time Oscar winner for Best Actress, Swank was honored for her performances in boys don’t cry (1999) and Million dollar baby (2004). Hailed for her intensity and lived-in performances, she brings all of the works to the table in Alaska Daily like an embittered journalist reluctant to evolve for the better. Swank has gradually made the leap to television over the past few years, most recently starring in the Netflix original space drama A way (2020) which was canceled after one season. Also as executive producer on Alaska Dailythe ABC series marks his return to the small screen in a starring role.

Jeff Perry is co-starred as Fitzgerald editor Stanley Cornik, and Perry is best known for his work in various Shonda Rhimes series including both Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. The Daily Alaskan reporter list features grace dove (The ghost) as Roz Friendly, Amy Park (It’s us) like Yuna Park, Matte Purple (The sex life of college girls) like Bob Young, Meredith Holzmann (Law and Order: SVU) as Claire Muncy, Craig Frank (Silicon Valley) as Austin Teague, and Joe Tippet (Easttown Marelisten)) plays a local pilot and Fitzgerald’s potential love interest. With plenty to cover, read on to find out how to watch Alaska Daily before episode 2.

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When and where to watch Alaska Daily

Season 1 of Alaska Daily airs on the ABC Network Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Episode 1 premiered on October 6, and Episode 2, “A Place We Came Together,” aired on October 13. Episode 3 “It’s Not Personal” will air on October 20. Once the episodes air on ABC, they will air. available to stream on Hulu the next day with the appropriate subscription. For a plan with in-app ads, viewers can pay $6.99/month, and an ad-free plan costs $12.99/month. All episodes of season 1 of Alaska Daily can also be streamed on the ABC streaming platform.

Fish out of water among snow and mountains, investigative journalist Eileen Fitzgerald is about to have a rude awakening after moving from New York to Anchorage, Alaska to report on missing Native women and murdered in the region. The trailer shows Fitzgerald clashing with his colleagues, and the various Daily Alaska reporters look down on Fitzgerald’s intense and sometimes disrespectful work ethic. The trailer is a great showcase for Swank, and she’s in full force as she stalks the sources alongside her fellow reporters despite their differences in the mystery drama series.

What is Alaska Daily about?

Alaska Daily begins following an article published by Fitzgerald in which she is accused of writing factually incorrect information and spreading lies. To make matters worse, she is accused of work misconduct due to her intense work ethic, creating a toxic work environment. Now unemployed, Daily Alaskan editor Stanley Cornik recruits her to move to Anchorage to write for the local paper, and she leaves her old life behind to start a new chapter. Cornik keeps a watchful eye on Fitzgerald as he oversees her quest to cover up the unsolved murders of various resourceful women in the community, but she can’t solve it alone. Grace Dove co-stars alongside Swank as lead reporter Roz Friendly, and as they get off on the wrong foot, the pair decide to work together to cover the unsolved murder of a local Native woman, Gloria.

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