How to see Anya Taylor-Joy on Saturday Night Live?

Although he had already done other leading roles, Anya Taylor-Joy He continues to accumulate milestones in his career after the Netflix craze, Lady’s Gambit. So much so that, today, she became one of the most important young actresses of the new era of the film industry and, for that very reason, she is becoming one of the most sought after.

In fact now Anya Taylor-Joy joins the long list of Hollywood actors who serve as hosts on the NBC show, Saturday night Live. Tomorrow, May 22, this television show will close its 46th season with Anya, who will also have the presence of Montero Lamar Hill, better known as Lil Nas X and Chris Redd.

Anya Taylor-Joy when it comes to learning her lines for SNL. Photo: (NBC)

Anya Taylor-Joy when it comes to learning her lines for SNL. Photo: (NBC)

After the boom that Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus generated in their first time on SNL, now it is Taylor-Joy’s turn to debut as a host. Even so, it is not the first time that this program has given great stars of the show the opportunity to meet in their role of presentation: Seteve Martin, Robert Downey Jr, Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller are some of those who were in front of the show.

After achieving a peak of 98 million views for Netflix with Lady’s Gambit, the original idea is for Taylor-Joy to arrive at a similar number. Starting at 11:30 p.m. Eastern, the actress will begin broadcasting and, for Latin America, it will be seen via streaming on the Peacock platform.

And, to present her passage through the program, the interpreter wore a blue dress that went to match her chinstrap while at her side were the two companions that she will have tomorrow night. “Hi I am Anya Taylor-Joy and I’ll be in charge of the final edition of SNL”He announces through a video showing his sympathy.


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