How do they know each other! Kristen Bell plays alongside her husband on a popular show – The Intranews

USA. – Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard They were invited to the show of Ellen DeGeneres. In it, they participated in a fun game where they had to answer questions related to their relationship in 5 minutes. The host asked the actress to tell her what celebrities her husband liked.

Laughing, Bell said that Dax loves Brad Pitt and the pilot of Formula 1 Daniel Ricciardo, but it was difficult for him to identify a third party. The comedian helped his wife and let her know that the third was Charlie Curtis, and even added that he wants to become him. One of the details that most caught Ellen’s attention was that the actor was such a fan of Ricciardo, since he did not know that he liked motorsport.

The actor mentioned that he had been watching the show Netflix “Drive To Survive” and became obsessed with the world of F1. He even interviewed Daniel on his podcats where he mentioned that they ended up creating a friendship. Thing of which Kristen Bell I laughed; it seems that her husband’s fanaticism can become very great. Then DeGeneres asked Dax to name his favorite celebrities.

To the protagonist of “The Good Place”Seems to like the actor a lot Peter Dinklage from the popular series “Games of Thrones”, Vincent D´Onofrio de “Law and Order”, and finally the rapper T.I. Laughing, he said it was a very strange combination of celebrities to put on the same list. Kristen laughed at her husband’s comment and then continued talking, this time about her daughters.

Kristen Bell has a show called “Mom Confessions” where she is encouraged to count all the edges of motherhood. Ellen wanted to know what aspects of their parents the children have, because it seems that what they got from Shepard is the ability to fight all the time. While from Bell they got the great love they have for animals.

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How do they know each other! Kristen Bell plays alongside her husband on a popular show – The Intranews