How did Johnny Depp meet Amber Heard and when did his decline in the cinema begin?

Johnny Depp’s career was marked by success since he began, at the age of 21, in the film “Nightmare on Hell Street” and later made him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Nominated three times for an Oscar and winner of a Golden Globe, Depp was the fantasy of millions in the world and the actor with whom any director wanted to work, but in 2011 his professional career and personal affairs took a turn that today seems to shake. all his life.

The Beginning of the Decline: The Rum Diary

It seems that the decline of the actor came with the film The Rum Dayand, from 2011, the year in which he had also released three other important films: Range Y Pirates of the Caribbean: Sailing in mysterious waterswhich, despite criticism, were monetarily successful.

During the filming of The Rum Diary johnny met Amber Heard, who was his co-star, a young actress not so famous and 23 years younger than him. Although at the time there was no news of an affair between the two, since Depp had also been in a relationship with the actress and singer for 13 years. vanessa paradis, It was in 2012 when Johnny and Vanessa announced their separation. That same year, Heard and Depp began to go out publicly and, although this relationship occupied all the headlines of the pink press and the heart, his career as an actor did not enjoy the same success.

The Rum Diarywhich had been released a year earlier, was a box office flop and with critics, of the 45 million it cost to produce, it only grossed 30 million worldwide, it also had 51% approval from the specialized media, while the audience rated it with 30% approval.

Not even Tim Burton saved him at the box office

In 2012 he rejoined his favorite director, Tim Burtonwho had launched him to fame and with whom he made hits like Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the chocolate factory Y Alice in Wonderland. Now the project had the seal of both dark shadowss, which included stars like Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green and Chloë Grace Moretz.

This feature film, which aimed to be the success of that summer, also turned out to be a failure and grossed 245 million dollars at the box office, a not insignificant figure except for the fact that making this work cost 145 million. Critics trashed this film and gave it a 35% approval rating; it is so far the sixth worst film of Depp’s career.

Lone ranger and the loneliness of another failure

Despite these previous setbacks, everything seemed to indicate that 2013 would be his year, when he starred in the blockbuster The Lone Ranger, based on the 1933 radio series, and that was Disney’s bet, which he hoped would become a new franchise. Depp was the character Toro, a Native American and assistant to the Ranger.

After various problems during filming and the high cost of production, which exceeded 250 million de dollars, the feature film was one of the flops of that year and one of Disney’s biggest (only behind John Carter and mars needs moms), raising 230 million worldwide: that is, it did not recover its investment, while the critic obtained 31% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, from 210 reviews.

Bad movies for a bad time

While Depp continued his idyllic relationship with Amber Heardluck did not smile on him in the same way in the cinema.

The following years he made films that also did not have the approval of the public and critics. Transcende, from 2014, cost $100 million and earned $101 million at the box office; that same year he premiered tusk and it was not successful either, of the three million it cost to make it, it barely got 1.8 at the box office.

In December of that year he joined stars like meryl streep, Emily Blunt, james corden, Chris Pine Y Anna Kendrick to take the staging to the cinema into the woodswhich, despite not being an absolute failure, did not get the expected response: it cost 50 million to make and got 200 at the box office.

Wedding with Amber Heard and new setbacks

The year 2015 would mark the year that Depp married Amber Heard after three years of courtship, and also marked the time of two new professional setbacks, first it was Mordecaibased on the books of the same name and which, according to specialized media such as El País, is the Worst Johnny Depp movie. At the monetary level, the tape obtained 30 million dollars of 60 that it cost.

Despite this, that same year he starred in BlackMasspolice drama that aimed to be in awards ceremonies and had a lukewarm reception, but that made believe that Depp’s future was about to improve and return to the old glories.

Everything seemed to indicate that 2016 would also be a good year, since the sequel to Alice in Wonderland under the title Alice through the mirror, which, although it obtained favorable numbers at the box office (it raised 295 million of the 175 it cost), were not what was expected for a production of this level; In addition, the critics did not favor the film Tim Burton by giving him 30% approval.

Despite this bad streak, the actor continued to tie up big-budget productions, such as in 2017, when he joined the cast of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald which was a box office success, obtaining 817 million dollars at the box office and having a budget of 180 million, which immediately gave the green light to the third part of this saga.

Complaints of violence and consequences at work

However, Depp, who by 2016 was separated from Amber Heard, faced allegations of domestic violence and restraining orders from the actress, and this caused Warner Bros, producer of this franchise, to fire him. Depp left the franchise Fantastic Beasts after losing his libel case against the tabloid The Sun, for a 2018 article that called him a “beating husband.” Although he promised to prove that the accusations against him are false.

In a letter posted on his Instagram, the actor explained that he left the role of dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald after the studio called for his resignation.. Depp said he was making the announcement in light of recent events.

Since his legal confrontation with Heard, he has made films such as Waiting for the Barbariansby Ciro Guerra, and Yoga Hoserswith his daughter Lily Rose, and neither managed to raise even a million dollars.

In addition to lending his voice to the animated film Sherlock Gnomes which, after costing 60 million dollars, raised 88 million.

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How did Johnny Depp meet Amber Heard and when did his decline in the cinema begin?