HOUSES OF HORROR. John Wayne Gacy: under the floor of the “killer clown”, six years of abominations

For six years, John Wayne Gacy will kill and bury his victims under his house. Many years later, his home was sold.

In 2019, the home of the killer John Wayne Gacy has been put up for sale. The new owners paid no less than $395,000 to buy it. But what a house! Indeed, for six years, in this place, abominable events took place. In 1979, the house that belonged to the Killer Clown was destroyed. It is at this time that we discover the bodies of his buried victims. 29 of the 33 victims, boys and young men, are discovered, under the structure of the house. “For each of his crimes, he used the same modus operandi each time. He brought his victims to his home, by force or deception, offering them work, drugs, alcohol or money. He would then kill them”, Explain Paris Match.

The murders of the Killer Clown were just as heinous as each other. But why such a nickname? “Because of his involvement in numerous charities organized for children during which he dressed up as “Pogo the Clown”, took place between 1972 and 1978″. It was in 2017 that one of his last victims was identified. It was James Byron, a teenager only 16 years old. A discovery possible thanks to DNA analysis.

Six victims remain to be identified

This discovery had then taken years to be resolved, since the young man had run away from his home in Minnesota to flee his alcoholic father. “According to CNN, James Byron met John Wayne Gacy when he was looking for a job and to meet homosexuals. It was in 1979 that the young man’s mother went to see the police to ask if her son could not have been the victim of the murderer.. But at the time, progress in DNA analysis was less important than today. Six victims of the murderer have still not been identified.

HOUSES OF HORROR. John Wayne Gacy: under the floor of the “killer clown”, six years of abominations