Hilary Swank is going to be a mother at 48: the harsh criticism she faces

“Coming soon, double function”, announced Hillary Swank on your Instagram account. The phrase did not refer to her artistic career but to news that makes her very happy: at 48, going to be a mother of twins. The posting was highly celebrated by his followers, but there were those who questioned her because of her age.

The first time that the actress who won two Oscars spoke about her pregnancy was at the beginning of October when she was invited to the television program good morning america. “There is something that I have wanted for a long time and that will be the next thing, and that is that I am going to be a mother”said when she was already going through the second trimester of pregnancy.

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After that interview, the protagonist of million dollar Baby He began to show images of how he is going through this stage of his life. And, as is often the case with stars, most celebrated this moment in his life. Nevertheless, the haters were not lacking…

One of the photos Hilary Swank shared of her pregnancy. (Photo: Instagram / hilaryswank)

“They will be 70 years old when they graduate from college. They could live to see their wedding, maybe…” wrote one user wryly. And another narrowed: “Another rich celebrity pretending it all happened ‘naturally’”. In addition, there were comments such as “At that age you have to have grandchildren instead of children” or “please don’t have them at that age.”

Swank made it clear that he is not interested in what anonymous people say behind a screen. and continued to show some details of her pregnancy. She even recently uploaded a photo of herself posing in a Halloween costume and making a reference to the babies on the way as the “pumpkin twins.”

The love story of Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider

Hillary Swank she found love again after being married for ten years to actor Chad Lowe, from whom she separated in 2007. The actress began dating the businessman Philip Schneider in 2016 and two years later they married in California.

In dialogue with the magazine Peoplethe artist revealed that both in her family and her husband’s there are several twins. “It is a blessing. It is an absolute miracle. Incredible”assured.

Hilary Swank was the protagonist of the 2007 film. (Photo: EFE)
Hilary Swank was the protagonist of the 2007 film. (Photo: EFE)

Other cases of stars who were mothers almost at the age of 50 are Kelly Prestonwho married John Travolta, susan sarandon, Janet Jackson, laura linney, Halle Berry Y Chloe Sevigny.

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Hilary Swank is going to be a mother at 48: the harsh criticism she faces