High Desert: the crazy series with Patricia Arquette will not have a season 2, Ben Stiller asks fans to come forward

“High Desert”, a brilliant Apple TV+ series with Patricia Arquette at the top of her game, unfortunately will not have a season 2. Ben Stiller, producer of the show, asks fans to let Apple know how much they love the series.

A nugget among the nuggets of 2023, “High Desert” from Apple TV+ (and therefore visible on MyCanal) will have made its aficianados soar throughout a single and unique season. As sadly announced by its main actress Patricia Arquette, whose genius has once again burst the screen, the series has not been renewed.

“It’s a sad disappointment for all of us,” she said. “Many of you have been asking about High Desert and if there will be a second season so just wanted to let you know we just found out we won’t be coming back,” she wrote on Instagram. .

“High Desert” unveiled its first three episodes on May 17, then a new one each following Wednesday before ending on June 21. It follows the character of Peggy (Patricia Arquette), a former drug addict who makes the decision to become a private detective in the small desert town of Yucca Valley, California after the umpteenth arrest of her gangster husband and the death of her well-behaved mother. -loved.

Ben Stiller expressed his regrets following the announcement of the end of the series of which he is the executive producer. “While we want @AppleTV to continue, we’re grateful they ordered it and it’s on the service. And unlike other streamers these days, I’m told they won’t delete any episodes,” he added.

Ben Stiller then asked future fans (the series is really irresistible so they will potentially be numerous, editor’s note) to come forward to the apple brand in the hope that it changes its mind and does not cancel the show . “So you can enjoy the first season in perpetuity. And don’t hesitate to let them know you want more!” he wrote.

Patricia Arquette bursts the screen there

“Fantastic”, “instantly cult” performance… There were many praises for the main performer.

Patricia Arquette portrays a heroine on methadone as funny as it is moving. The actress knew how to infuse her character with all the madness needed so that watching her go completely into a spin becomes enjoyable. “I absolutely adored Peggy — her quirky way of looking at the world and her sense of humor,” the actress told Variety at the series premiere. “Jay (Roach, director) described her to me as a rock ‘n’ roll hummingbird.”

Since “Boyhood”, the one that viewers have long followed before that in the “Medium” series, has played radical roles with incredible dexterity and intensity as in Ben Stiller’s “Escape at Dannemora” series, and “Severance” ( still produced by Ben Stiller).

Just as “The White Lotus” was for Jennifer Coolidge, “Breaking Bad”, for Bryan Cranston, “High Desert” was a perfect setting for her. “After three years of a pandemic and dark series like Severance and The Act, I wanted to laugh, she confided to Figaro. In my life, I have met many drug addicts who are a little scammer on the edges but charming and gentle. They left behind them a scent of chaos. It is this naive unpredictability that I found with a real concern for nuance in High Desert”.

And it is with great subtlety that she approached her role. “Peggy is intermittently sober. She’s on methadone, taking other substances to ease her anxiety, but she tells herself it doesn’t matter. She likes pretty things. While she can’t help herself, she loves helping souls even more abandoned and desperate than her. She collects them like birds fallen from the nest. She can’t help cheating the law. A Walking Catastrophe: Peggy lives her life as a role. She is always on stage. Of course she hides her face but you cannot reduce her to her addictions”. Or just one season?

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High Desert: the crazy series with Patricia Arquette will not have a season 2, Ben Stiller asks fans to come forward